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257 Angel Henry VII S.2187 Large Crook-shaped abbreviation after HENRIC, mintmark Pheon, in an NGC holder and graded AU58 £2,500 - £3,000
258 Angel Henry VII type III, angel with both feet on dragon S.2183 mintmark Anchor, Fine with some small rim nicks £1,100 - £1,300
259 Anglo-Saxon, Silver Sceat series F, Helmeted Bust right, Reverse small cross on steps with an arrangement of Annulets, letter T's and letter I's S.781 About VF £50 - £100
260 Crown Charles I Tower Mint under the King, Group II, second horseman, smaller horse, type 2b1, plume on head only, Reverse: No Cross fourchee, Plume between CR above shield, S.2756 mintmark Rose over Plume, About Fine £800 - £900
261 Crown Commonwealth 1653 mintmark Sun S.3212, ESC 6/6A , Bull 6/7, Good with VS worn in the legend so the exact attribution not possible £525 - £575
262 Crown Elizabeth I mintmark 1 (1601) S.2582 VF deep grey even tone a few minor surface and edge imperfections but Queen's attire and Orb very sharp £3,000 - £4,000
263 Crown of the Double Rose Henry VIII HK crowned in field, S.2273 mintmark Rose, Good Fine £750 - £1,500
264 Cut Farthings Edward I, Richard I, John and Henry III types (24) an interesting and large group of classes and types, Near Fine to Near VF, many mints included, Rhuddlan, London, Canterbury, Gloucester, Shrewsbury and Hereford with many examples from the Cooke and T.Everson collections assembled 1991-1997 £150 - £200
265 Double Crown Charles I S2698 mint mark Lis GVF and pleasing £1,500 - £1,800
266 Elizabeth I (13) Sixpences (11) 1564 4 over 2 mintmark Pheon NVG/Near Fine, 1568 8 over 7 mintmark Coronet, 1569 mintmark Coronet VG, 1570 mintmark Castle/Castle over Coronet, VG/F toned, 1573 mintmark Acorn, About Fine/Fine, 1574 mintmark Eglantine, Near Fine/Fine, 1580 mintmark Latin Cross VG/Near Fine, 1582 mintmark Sword VG/Near Fine, 1585 mintmark Escallop VG/Near Fine, 1587 mintmark Crescent VG/About Fine, and 1590-1592 (date worn) mintmark Hand VG, Threepence 1573 mintmark Ermine, Near Fine, Halfgroat Second Issue mintmark Cross Crosslet, Near Fine, the portrait with some doubling £225 - £325
267 Elizabeth I a small group (8) Threepences (3) 1573 mintmark Acorn, 1574 mintmark Worn, 1582 mintmark Sword, Halfgroats (2) mintmark Escallop and mintmark 2 (1602), Pennies (2) mintmarks Castle, the other with mintmark not visible, Threefarthings 1575 mintmark Eglantine, VG to Fine £200 - £250
268 Elizabeth I Sixpences 1568 and 1572 both about Fine £50 - £100
269 Elizabeth I Threepence 1574 and Sixpence 1578 both Fine or better and with some old scratches £50 - £100
270 GB and Italy Hammered a small group (5) GB (3) Edward I or II these NVG/F and VG/F, Farthing Charles I Richmond counterfeit, About Fine, Italy (2) Denier - Genoa, undated (1139-1339), Obverse CVNRAD, Reverse .IA.NV.A. Gateway, 0.84 grammes VF, Venice denaro undated, Winged Lion of St. Mark reverse, Fine or near so on an irregular flan with some of the legend unclear £100 - £120
271 Groat Edward III Post-Treaty 'Chain Mail' issue, row of pellets across bust S.1638 mintmark Cross Potent, Fine, Rare £1,200 - £1,400
272 Groat Edward IV Light Coinage, Bristol Mint, B on breast, no marks at neck S.2006 Fine on an irregularly shaped flan, Penny Edward I with error in reverse legend LON TAS LON CIVI Class 3f VF and unusual £75 - £125
273 Groat Henry VI Pinecone-Mascle issue, Calais Mint S.1875 mintmark Cross Patonce NVF/VF £60 - £120
274 Groat Henry VII Profile issue, Regular issue with triple band to crown, S.2258 mintmark Cross Crosslet GF/NVF with some rim nicks £200 - £250
275 Groat Henry VII Profile Issue, Tentative issue, with double band to Crown S.2254 mintmark Cross Crosslet, Fine with a slightly uneven tone £250 - £300
276 Groat Henry VIII Bristol Mint, S.2372 mintmark WS monogram, Fine or better with grey tone, the portrait pleasing, Ex-R.Shuttlewood Collection £125 - £225
277 Groat Henry VIII First Issue, Portrait of Henry VII in profile S.2316 mintmark Portcullis VF with even grey tone £275 - £375
278 Groat Henry VIII First Issue, Portrait of Henry VII in profile, S.2316 mintmark Pheon, Good Fine with a few small scratches on the obverse, the legends bold and clear, overall a pleasing piece £110 - £160
279 Groat Henry VIII Posthumous Issue, Durham House mint, Bust 6, S.2405, mintmark Bow, portrait and shield Fine, the legends with some weakness, our archive database indicates that we have not previously offered this type £125 - £225
280 Groat Henry VIII Posthumous issue, S.2403 Bust 3, Tower Mint, mintmark Lis, Reverse with POSVI legend, and pellet in annulet in fork ends, VF with a nicely defined portrait, and with touches of golden tone, struck on a slightly irregular flan, scarce thus £125 - £250
281 Groat Henry VIII Posthumous Issue, Tower Mint, S.2403, mintmark -/Grapple, two edge cracks at 8 and 9 o'clock, otherwise Good Fine or better, the portrait and shield with good detail £125 - £225
282 Groat Henry VIII Second Coinage, Laker Bust D with Irish titles S.2338 mintmark Pheon Fine with an edge crack at 5 o'clock extending to the inner circle, Rare, our archive database stretching back to 2003 shows that this is the first example we have offered £300 - £400
283 Groat Henry VIII Second Coinage, Laker Bust D, S over higher S in POSVI, S.2337E, mintmark Rose About VF/VF with a thin scratch on the obverse, Halfgroat Henry VIII Canterbury Mint, Archbishop Warham with WA beside shield S.2343 mintmark 'uncertain mark' NVF £125 - £225
284 Groat Henry VIII Second Coinage, Laker Bust D, S.2337E, mintmark Pheon NEF with grey and gold toning, the obverse with a slight double striking and small edge crack at 8 o'clock, an excellent portrait and a most pleasing example of the type £175 - £250
285 Groat Henry VIII York Mint, Laker Bust D, with TW beside shield, Cardinal's Hat below, S.2339 mintmark Voided Cross, VF with pleasing grey tone, struck slightly off-centre £200 - £400
286 Half Noble Edward III Saltire before EDWARD, London Mint Treaty Period (1361-1369) S.1506 Fine £350 - £500
287 Half Pound Charles I 1642 Shrewsbury Mint, arms below horse, no cannon in arms, no plume in obverse field, S.2924, SCBI Brooker 804, same dies, North 2368, mintmark Plume, Ex-Dr. John Hulett collection, Ex-DNW Auction 12/12/2017 Lot 808, Ex-Seaby 1980, Good Fine the reverse slightly better, a small edge crack at 9 o'clock barely detracts £2,500 - £3,500
288 Half Ryal Edward IV Light coinage (1464-1470) S.1959 mintmark Rose, weight 3.81 grammes VF with good detail in the main body of the design legends weak in places and struck a little off centre £1,200 - £1,600
289 Half Sovereign Edward VI, coinage in the name of Henry VIII, youthful portrait with sceptre, S.2391 mintmark Lis, 5.32 grammes, Fine or slightly better, lightly creased with a small edge crack £1,500 - £2,000
290 Half Sovereign Edward VI, coinage in the name of Henry VIII, youthful portrait with sceptre, S.2391 mintmark Lis/Arrow 5.38 grammes, approaching Fine with dull surfaces £1,400 - £1,600
291 Halfcrown Charles I Group 2, second horseman, type 2a, Smaller horse, cross on housing, Reverse: Oval shield with CR above, S.2769 mintmark Plume, Good Fine with a weaker area between HIB ad REX, nevertheless a very pleasing example with much eye appeal £100 - £200
292 Halfcrown Commonwealth 1654 mintmark Sun S.3215, ESC 434, Bull 40 Fine with a few small weaker areas £450 - £550
293 Halfcrown Edward VI 1551 Walking horse with plume S.2479 mintmark y Fine. Lightly tooled in the fields, nevertheless of pleasing overall appearance £450 - £550
294 Halfcrown James I Third Coinage S.2666 Mintmark Trefoil, Fine £400 - £500
295 Halfcrowns Charles I (4) Group IV, Fourth horseman, type 4, S.2779 mintmark Triangle in Circle, NVF nicely toned with some flan stress, Group IV, Fourth horseman, type 4, S.2779 mintmark Triangle in Circle pleasing Fine, nicely toned, Group III, Third horseman, type 3a1, King wears cloak flying from shoulder S.2775 mintmark Star, Good Fine, Group III, type 3a3, S.2778 mintmark Sun Fine or better with weakly struck areas £350 - £450
296 Halfgroat Henry V Type C. Tall neck with broken annulet to the left of the crown, Mullet in centre of breast, London Mint S.1773 Fine, the obverse slightly weak in parts £80 - £100
297 Halfgroat Henry VII - Archbishop Savage, Facing bust, York Mint, keys at neck, no tressure, S.2214 mintmark Martlet NVF with old grey tone, struck slightly off-centre £40 - £80
298 Halfgroat Henry VII Canterbury Mint, S.2261 mintmark Martlet, a flan crack between the H and E of HENRIC, VF with portrait and mintmarks strong and pleasing £100 - £150
299 Halfgroat Philip and Mary S.2509 Fine creased with some scratches on the obverse, with an edge crack at the top extending to the Queen's crown, nevertheless a very rare type, indeed our archive database stretching back to 2003 indicates that this is the first example we have offered, so probably scarcer than catalogue values would suggest £250 - £350
300 Halfgroats, Hammered Pennies, Cut Halfpennies and Cut Farthings (106) a collection in two Lindner trays, includes some fragments, Aethelred II to Charles I, a wide variety in mixed grades most VG to GF £400 - £500
301 Halfpenny Henry IV Light Coinage, Annulets by neck, S.1737 Obverse with King's face not struck up, otherwise Fine with an edge nick at 4 o'clock £250 - £300
302 Halfpenny Henry V Type C. Ordinary Bust, broken annulets by crown S.1794 Fine or slight better with some edge chips £80 - £100
303 Hammered a small and interesting group (8) Halfcrown Charles I Group III type 3a3 S.2778 mintmark Sun Good Fine, Shillings (4) Edward VI Second Period 1550 MDL Southwark Mint, mintmark Y VG, Elizabeth I Sixth Issue S.2577 mintmark Woolpack/Woolpack over Tun VG/Near Fine, James I First Coinage, Second Bust, bears appears to merge with collar S.2646 mintmark Thistle, VG/Fine, Commonwealth Fair, struck off-centre with the date off the flan, Sixpences Elizabeth I (2) 1566 S.2562 mintmark Portcullis NVG with a flan split, 1573 S.2562 mintmark Ermine Near Fine, Penny Edward IV with Lis by neck only Good with a large edge chip £200 - £350
304 Hammered a small group (4) Halfgroat Commonwealth Fine or slightly better with some scratches, Penny Henry VI Leaf-Trefoil issue, Leaf on breast, Durham Mint, rings in centre, Fine on an irregular flan with much of the legend missing, Pennies Edward IV (2) the first VG with some weak areas, along with Second Reign, D in centre VG £200 - £250
305 Hammered a small group (7) Halfgroats (2) Edward III London Mint, Henry VII Canterbury Mint, Pennies (4) Edward I, Edward III (2) Durham Mint, with Crozier on obverse, and York Mint, Henry VI (this on a perforated flan), Scotland Cut Halfpenny Alexander II moneyer Walter VG to Near Fine some with edge chips £100 - £150
306 Hammered a small group (9) Shillings (7) Elizabeth I mintmark Woolpack, James I mintmark Rose, Charles I (5) Group E, Tower Mint, single arched -crown, mintmark Anchor, Group F, double-arched crown, mintmark Triangle-in-circle (2), Group F, double-arched crown, mintmark Sun (2), Sixpences James I (2) First Coinage, First Bust, 1603 mintmark Thistle, Second Coinage, Third Bust mintmark Lis, in mixed grades NVG to Fine £175 - £225

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