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London Coins Auction 165
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2383 Angel Edward IV Second Reign, London Mint, S.2091 mintmark Pierced Cross and pellet NVF, a pleasing boldly struck example £2,300 - £2,600
2384 Angel Henry VII Type V. Large Crook-shaped abbreviation after HENRICVS S.2187 mintmark Pheon, in an NGC holder and graded AU58 £2,500 - £3,000
2385 Angel Henry VII Type V. Large Crook-shaped abbreviation after HENRICVS S.2187 mintmark Pheon, slightly weak on a part of the ship otherwise About VF on a full round flan £2,100 - £2,400
2386 Angel Henry VIII Third Coinage, Annulet by angel's head and on ship S.2299 mintmark Lis NVF with a scratch in the obverse field £2,400 - £2,800
2387 Base Pennies Philip and Mary (2) S.2510A one with mintmark halved rose and castle, the other mintmark not visible, VG one with a an edge clip, the other with a flan split £25 - £50
2388 Commonwealth issues (4) Halfgroat S.3221 Near Fine, lightly creased, Pennies S.3222 (2) Good Fine on an irregular flan and Fine with some weak areas, Halfpenny S.3223 Fine, holed £50 - £100
2389 Crown Commonwealth 1656 the last 6 completely double struck and appearing as 16566, ESC 8, Bull 10 VG/NVG with some weak areas £350 - £750
2390 Crown Edward VI 1552 S.2478 mintmark Tun, NVG/VG the obverse with worn design and bold legend £300 - £600
2391 Crown Elizabeth I Seventh Issue S.2582 (1601) mintmark 1 , an edge chip at 2 o'clock and a flan crack at 5 o'clock otherwise VF or better with very strong detail on the portrait, an excellent portrait piece £2,500 - £3,500
2392 Crusader - Kings of Antioch Billon Denier, King Bohemond III (1162-1201) Metcalf 387, Obverse: Helmeted head of King in chain-mail armour, with crescent and star to sides, Reverse: BOAMVNDVS Cross-Patee with crescent in angle ANTIOCHIA, 0.96 grammes, VF on a slightly irregularly shaped flan, the edge flattened between 3 and 6 o'clock £100 - £150
2393 Elizabeth I (19) Threepences (4), Halfgroats (2), Threehalfpences (4), Pennies (8), Halfpenny (1), many types and dates represented, VG to Fine, the Halfpenny holed £200 - £300
2394 Elizabeth I (3) Sixpences (2) 1567 Bust 4B S.2562 mintmark Coronet Near Fine, Sixth Issue 1594 ELIZAB legend S.2578B mintmark Woolpack VG, Penny Second issue S.2558 mintmark Cross Crosslet NVF on a wavy flan £80 - £100
2395 GB and World Hammered a mixed group (35) includes cut Halfpennies and a cut Farthing, and some fragments, in mixed grades £50 - £75
2396 Gold Halfcrown Henry VIII HK uncrowned on both sides S.2286, the mintmark not visible, Near Fine with some edge cracks £350 - £750
2397 Groat Edward I, New Coinage from 1279 onwards, New Portrait with smaller pointed face, trefoils in spandrels, drapery is a segment of a circle with a rosette in the centre, S.1379D (Fox 7) VF with original surfaces, and a few very minor surface marks. Although many dies were produced, the coin was at the time unpopular, indeed many surviving examples have been either gilded or mounted, making original pieces such as this exceeding hard to obtain. A key rarity in the English hammered series and seldom offered. £9,000 - £12,000
2398 Groat Edward III Fourth Coinage 1351-1377 S.1565, R with wedge-shaped tail, mintmark Cross 1 VG or better, Halfgroat Henry VI Rosette-Mascle issue, Calais Mint, S.1862 Near Fine/Fine with pitting £40 - £60
2399 Groat Edward IV Light coinage (1464-1470) London Mint, Quatrefoils at neck, S.2000 mintmark Crown, EF with an edge nick by ANG, a very high grade example of the type £500 - £600
2400 Groat Henry VI Annulet issue, Calais Mint, S.1836 VF on a full flan and colourfully toned £300 - £400
2401 Groat Henry VIII Posthumous issue, Tower Mint, S.2403, mintmark Grapple VF and weakly struck, with a flan crack at 9 o'clock, on close inspection shows little sign of actual wear £100 - £200
Notice Withdrawn

Groat Richard II Type III, with bushy hair and fishtail serifs to letters, London Mint, S.1680, North 1321a, 2.65 grammes, VG or better with light clipping Very Rare and seldom offered
£250 - £350
2403 Groats (3) Edward III Pre-Treaty Period Fourth Coinage, with French Title, Edward IV First Reign, London Mint, No marks at neck, mintmark Coronet, Edward IV Second Reign mintmark Rose, Rose on breast, Halfgroats Edward III (2) both London Mint Pre-Treaty Period VG to Fine £75 - £150
2404 Groats (4) Edward III Fourth Coinage Pre-Treaty Period (2), Treaty Period, and Mary S.2492 mintmark Pomegranate VG to Fine £60 - £100
2405 Groats (4) Henry VII facing portrait Type III, S.2199A mintmark Anchor, Fine, Henry VIII Third Coinage, Tower Mint, pellet in annulet in cross ends, mintmark Lis, VG, Henry VIII Posthumous Coinage, Canterbury Mint, S.2408 Fair, Mary S.2492 mintmark Pomegranate Fine with an uneven edge at the top, £125 - £175
2406 Groats Henry VIII (8) Second Coinage, Laker Bust D, mintmark Rose. Second Coinage, Laker Bust D, mintmark Lis. Second Coinage York Mint, Archbishop Wolsey with TW beside shield, mintmark Acorn/Voided Cross. Posthumous Coinage London Mint, POSVI legend mintmark Lis. Posthumous Coinage, Southwark Mint, S in Cross ends. Posthumous Coinage, York Mint, no mintmark. Posthumous Coinage, Bristol Mint, the flan pierced. Posthumous Coinage, Canterbury mint, no mintmark, in mixed grades VG to Fine £120 - £220
2407 Groats to Halfpennies James I and Charles I (15) Groat Charles I Aberystwyth Mint, S.2891 mintmark Book Fine, holed, Threepence Charles I Aberystwyth Mint S.2894 mintmark Book Good Fine, creased and holed, along with Halfgroats (7) James I (5), Charles I (2), Pennies James I (2) one with a section chipped or cut, the other holed, Pennies Charles I (2) one holed, Halfpennies Charles I (2) VG to Good Fine £100 - £200
2408 Half Laurel James I Third Coinage S.2641A mintmark Trefoil, Fine or slightly better with some double striking £1,100 - £1,400
Notice Withdrawn

Halfcrown 1653 Commonwealth as ESC 431, Bull 28, with the first O of COMMONWEALTH and the E of ENGLAND double struck, Fine or slightly better with some weakness of strike in parts, with old cabinet toning
£200 - £350
2410 Halfcrown 1654 Commonwealth ESC 434, Bull 40 VG £125 - £250
2411 Halfcrown Edward VI 1551 Fine Silver Issue , Walking horse with plume, S.2479 Mintmark y, Fine with tooling in the fields £300 - £400
2412 Halfcrown Elizabeth I Seventh Issue mintmark 1 (1601) VF with good portrait and pleasing with a couple of small edge nicks, Rare, Ex-London Coins Auction A153 Lot 2110 £2,500 - £3,500
2413 Halfcrowns Charles I (3) Group II type 2c, Oval draped shield with CR at sides, S.2771 mintmark Harp, NVF/GF nicely toned with small weak areas, Group III type 3a1 No caparisons on horse, scarf flies from King's waist S.2773 mintmark Tun, GF/NVF, Tower Mint under Parliament Group III type 3a3 no ground, S.2778 mintmark (P) GF/NVF £450 - £550
2414 Halfcrowns Charles I (3) Group III mintmark Triangle in circle VG, Group IV, foreshortened horse, mintmark Triangle in circle Near Fine with some weak areas, on an irregularly shaped flan, Group V Tall spirited horse, mintmark Sun, Fine £110 - £160
2415 Halfgroat Charles I Group D, type 3a3 with inner circles on both sides S.2832 mintmark Triangle, Good Fine, struck slightly off-centre £50 - £75
2416 Halfgroat Henry VIII Canterbury Mint, Archbishop Warham, WA beside shield S.2343 mintmark Cross Patonce VF on a full flan £60 - £90
2417 Halfgroat Henry VIII Canterbury Mint, Archbishop Warham, WA beside shield S.2343 mintmark uncertain mark, Bright NVF lightly creased £50 - £75
2418 Halfgroats (2) Charles II Third Hammered issue S.3326 mintmark Crown Fine, Commonwealth S.3221 Fine the reverse with some thin scratches £30 - £60
2419 Halfgroats and Pennies Henry VII (6) Canterbury Mint S.2211 mintmark Tun (2). Profile issue, York Mint, Archbishop Bainbridge Keys below shield S.2262 mintmark Rose/Martlet. Profile issue, Canterbury Mint S.2261 mintmark Rose, Pennies Henry VII Sovereign types (2) York Mint, Archbishop Rotherham, single pillar to throne S.2326. York Mint, Archbishop Rotherham, two pillars to throne S.2328 VG to Fine £50 - £75
2420 Halfgroats and Pennies Henry VIII (9) Halfgroats (5) Posthumous issue Durham House Mint Reverse legend REDD etc. S.2412 mintmark Bow. First issue, Portrait of Henry VII, Cardinals Hat and keys below shield below S.2326 mintmark Radiant Star. First Coinage Canterbury Mint, WA beside shield S.2321, mintmark Cross Fitchee. Second Coinage Canterbury Mint, WA beside shield S.2322 mintmark Rose/uncertain mark. Second Coinage Archbishop Cranmer, TC beside shield S.2345 mintmark Catherine Wheel. Pennies Sovereign type (4) Durham Mint, First Coinage, Bishop Ruthall, TD beside shield S.2332. First Coinage, London Mint S.2328, Posthumous Issues (2) Facing Bust, London Mint S.2380 (2), Fair to Fine, some scarce or rare £200 - £400
2421 Hammered (13) Shilling Elizabeth I Second Issue S.2555 Bust 3c mintmark Martlet, Sixpence Elizabeth I 1567 mintmark Lion, Groat Elizabeth I Second issue mintmark Martlet, Threepence Elizabeth I 1574 mintmark Eglantine, Halfgroat Henry VIII Canterbury Mint Archbishop Warham, Halfgroat Henry VIII Posthumous issue, Halfgroats Commonwealth (2) Penny Henry VIII Sovereign type TW by shield Durham Mint, Elizabeth I Second issue mintmark Cross Crosslet, James I Second Coinage mintmark Trefoil, Commonwealth undated, Charles II Third Issue mintmark Crown. VG to Fine, some with weak areas £120 - £150
2422 Hammered (5) Groat Elizabeth I Second issue S.2556 mintmark Martlet, Halfgroats (2) Elizabeth I Sixth Issue S.2579 mintmark Triangle, James I Third Issue S.2671 mintmark Trefoil, Pennies (2) John, Edward I , VG to Fine £50 - £100
2423 Hammered (5) Groats (4) Henry VI Annulet issue Calais Mint, Henry VI Pinecone-Mascle issue, Calais Mint, mintmark Cross Crosslet, Edward IV Light Coinage, London Mint, clipped, Light Coinage, Bristol Mint, quatrefoils at neck, B on breast, clipped Halfgroat Henry VI Annulet issue, Calais Mint, Annulets at neck, VG to Fine £50 - £75
2424 Hammered (5) Shillings Edward VI Fine Silver issues (2) S.2482 mintmark y, S.2482 mintmark Tun, Shilling James I Second Coinage S.2655 mintmark Escallop, Sixpences (2) Elizabeth I 1561 mintmark Pheon, Elizabeth I Milled issue 1562 mintmark Star, holed, VG to Fine some with scratches or shortage of flan £50 - £100
2425 Hammered (6) Shilling Edward VI Fine Silver Issue mintmark y, About Fine, lightly creased. James I Third Coinage mintmark Lis, VG holed. Groat Edward III mintmark Cross 3 London Mint, Fine with some scratches. Groat Henry VIII York Mint, no mintmark, Fine with a small edge cut at 9 o'clock. Sixpence Elizabeth I 1569 clipped to the inner circle (now 18mm diameter) Fair. Ireland Shilling James I Fourth Bust S.6516 mintmark Rose VG the reverse better £150 - £200
2426 Hammered (8, two holed) Edward I to Charles I Shillings to Halfpennies in mixed grades £30 - £60
2427 Laurel James I Fourth Head, very small ties S.2638B mintmark Trefoil, Good Fine with edge cracks at 1, 2, and 3 o'clock £1,400 - £1,600
2428 Noble Henry VI Annulet issue, S.1799, North 1414, Schneider 274, Lis initial mark, annulet by sword arm, and in one spandrel on the reverse, 6.94 grammes, EF, choice and sharply struck , on a full round flan, a superb example of the type and highly desirable in this high grade £6,500 - £8,500
2429 Noble Richard II London Mint, French title omitted type IIa Saltire over sail, S.1655, mintmark Cross Pattee, 7.63 grammes, slightly short of flan at 7 o'clock, nearer VF than Fine £3,000 - £4,000
2430 Pennies (16) Edward I (5), Edward II (11, one holed, one with a flan split), Halfpennies (2) Edward III, the second with worn legends, Farthings Edward III (2) Scotland Penny Alexander III Second Coinage, 24 points, 4 mullets of 6 points each Fine, and an unattributed clipped Penny or Halfgroat VG to Good Fine £150 - £250
2431 Pennies (2) Cnut Short Cross S.1159 Thetford Mint moneyer Aelfwold, Fine, toned, Aethelred II Long Cross S.1151 Lincoln Mint, moneyer Colgrim Fine with surface cracks, ragged edge and a small hole £50 - £100
2432 Pennies (2) Henry II Tealby Coinage, Edward I Canterbury Mint, Farthings (2) Edward I/II/III both London Mint VG to Fine £40 - £60

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