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197 Ancient Greece - Macedonia Tetradrachm Philip II (359-336BC) Obverse Head of Zeus right, Reverse Jockey on horseback, right, thunderbolt below horse, 14.14 grammes, VF £100 - £300
198 Ancient Greece - Pamphylia Silver Stater Obverse: Two Wrestlers grappling, Reverse: Slinger standing right, Triskeles right, within square dotted border. 10.73 grammes About VF £270 - £320
199 Ancient Greece, Ar Tetradrachm, Alexander the Great, Amphipolis Mint Struck 320-317BC, Obverse: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin headdress, Reverse: BAΣIΛEΩΣ AΛEEANΔPOY to left and right of Zeus seated left, holding eagle and sceptre, upright laurel branch in field, П beneath chair, 16.99 grammes, Price 124, Good Fine £100 - £120
200 Ancient Greece, Ar Tetradrachm, Thasos, Thrace, After 148 BC. Obverse: Head of young Dionysus right, wreathed with ivy HΡAKΛEOYΣ ΣΩTH ΡOΣ ΘAΣIΩN to left, right and beneath, Reverse: Herakles standing facing, naked, head left, holding club and lion skin. MH monogram to left. 12.33 grammes, BMC 74, Good Fine with some scratches behind the bust £100 - £120
201 Ancient Greece, Rhodes, Ar Drachm, C.205-200 BC, Cretan War issue, Cretan or Rhodian Mint, Ainetor, magistrate, Obverse: Head of Helios facing slightly left AINHTΩP above, R-O to right and left of rose, bud to right, caduceus to left. 2.34 grammes, BMC 155, Good Fine/Fine £80 - £100
202 Ancients (21) Antoninianus (9) of Gordian III, Probus, Gallienus and Trajan Decius and others, the remainder mostly bronze issues in mixed grades many Fine to GVF £70 - £110
203 Ancients (286) a wide variety, mostly bronzes with a few in silver, in mixed grades, some VF £250 - £350
204 Ancients (3) Celtic Bronze Unit Cunobelin S.350 Fine with green patina, Radiate AE3 Constantine II Reverse Globe on Altar Good Fine, along with a Saxon copy of a Roman Bronze, Sceat type £25 - £50
205 Antioch VIII Grypos Ar Tetradrachm, Seleukid Kingdom, 121-96BC, Obverse: Diademed Head of Antiochus VIII right BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY EПIфANOYΣ to right and left of Zeus Ouranios, naked, standing left holding star and sceptre, Crescent above head, IE over A in left field, AP in exergue, Babylon 1417var (Letter in exergue) Good Fine/Fine with pitted surfaces £100 - £120
206 Byzantine Follis (200) in mixed grades, most with a green patina £500 - £1,000
207 Celtic Gold Stater Atrebates and Regni, Tincomarus or Tincommius Late 1st Century BC - Early 1st Century AD, Obverse COM F on inset tablet, Reverse Horseman with javelin, 5.25 grammes, S.76, Van Arsdell 385, Fine with some stress cracks to the edge £500 - £600
208 Celtic Trinovantes & Catuvellauni c.40-30BC Gold Quarter Stater Obverse:- Cross-shaped floral design with pellet-in annulet centre, Reverse:- Celticized Horse right, annulet below tail, with ornaments around/ S.43, Van Arsdell 234, 1.35 grammes, NVF £180 - £280
209 Denarius (4) Trajan (98-117AD) Reverse Victory standing left Good Fine/Fine with some flan cracks: Septimus Severus (193-211AD) Reverse: Emperor standing left, sacrificing over tripod altar VF/About VF. Elagabus (218-222AD) Providence standing left, holding a rod and cornucopia, leaning on a column NEF with a few small flan cracks. Severus Alexander (222-235AD) Reverse: Mars standing left hold olive branch and spear, Near EF with an edge crack at 9 o'clock £120 - £160
210 Denarius Octavian 29-27 BC. Italy, uncertain mint, 3.61g. Laureate bust of Octavian right, as Jupiter Terminus; thunderbolt behind / Octavian seated togate left on curule chair, holding Victory, RIC 270 Fine £30 - £60
211 Fourrée Denarius Claudius, imitative type. AD 41-54. (2.67g). Roman-British imitation. Copying a Rome mint issue of AD 46-47. TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG P M TR P VI IMP XI, laureate head right / SPQR/ P. P/ OB CS in three lines within wreath. North Suffolk 20-32 (dies C/3); cf. RIC I 41; cf. von Kaenel type 26; cf. RSC 87. EF, lightly toned, the plating almost completely intact. An exceptional example £500 - £600
212 Greek Imperial small bronze from a hoard, Elmais - Phraates Drachm mid 2nd Century (450) in mixed grades £500 - £1,000
213 Macedonia under Roman Rule - Tetradrachm 93-92BC 17.2 grammes Obverse: Head pf Alexander the Great right, Reverse AESILLAS money chest, club and chair GVF with some small flan cracks £100 - £300
214 Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt early silver units 15 mm diameter Fine - VF (120) £250 - £400
215 Ptolemaeus III Euergetes I 247-222BC BMC61 Reverse City, wearing Modius, holding dress, on prow VF £40 - £60
216 Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt (4) AE31, AE27, AE24 and AE17 VG to Fine £50 - £75
217 Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt, Gold Triobol Ptolemy I (305BC) BMC19 Fine with some surface marks £175 - £225
218 Roman (2) AE4 Hanniballianus (336-3387AD) Obverse Bust right, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed FL HANNIBALLIANVS REGI, Reverse: River God Euphrates sitting right, leaning with right arm on sceptre, left hand pouring water from a vase, reed in background, mintmark CONSS, 1.37 grammes, Cohen 2, Fine with green patina, Antoninianus Marius 269AD, Radiate Cuirassed bust right, Reverse: Victory advancing right, holding wreath and palm, 2.81 grammes, RIC 18 £160 - £200
219 Roman (2) Ar Siliqua Honorius, Aquileia (407-408AD) Obverse: Bust right, draped, cuirassed and pearl diademed DN HONORI VS PF AVG, Reverse: Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Victory (with wreath and palm branch held forwards) on globe and inverted spear with a neat point VIRTVS RO-MANORVM, mintmark AQPS, RIC X 1242 NVF/GF, AE3 Vetranio Thessalonica (350 AD) Obverse: Bust right, draped, cuirassed and pearl-diademed DN VETRANIO PF AVG, Reverse: Vetranio standing front, looking left, holding labarum in each hand, Star above head, A-B across fields, mintmark dot TSA dot CONCORDIA MILITVM,5.29 grammes, RIC VIII Fine with some pitting, on a slightly uneven flan £120 - £150
220 Roman (3) Ar Denarius (2) Caracalla (209 AD) Obverse: Laureate Head right ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Reverse: Concordia seated left holding patera and double cornucopiae PONTIF TR P XII COS III, 3.29 grammes, RIC 111 GVF with some edge cracks, Caracalla (212 AD) Laureate Head right ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT, Reverse: Serapis standing facing, head left, raising right hand and holding transverse sceptre, 3.13 grammes, RIC 193/194 VF/NVF with some flan cracks, Sestertius Otacilia Severa, wife of Philip I, Obverse: Diademed and draped bust right MARCIA OTACIL SEVERA AVG, Reverse: Pietas standing, holding corn ears, 21.64 grammes, RIC 208a, some surface residue, Good Fine £100 - £120
221 Roman AE1 Julian II (360-363AD) Obverse: Pearl diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right D N FL CL IVLI ANVS P F AVG, Reverse: Bull with head facing, standing right, above: two stars SECVRITAS REI PVB, mintmark in Exergue: SMHA (Heraclea) Scarce VF £75 - £125
222 Roman Ar Denarius (2) Nero (54-68AD) Obverse: Bust right, laureate [NER]O CAESAR AVG [USTVS] Salus seated left holding patera, SALVS below, 3.13 grammes, RIC 60 Near Fine/VG, Ar Denarius Geta as Caesar (209-212AD) Obverse: Draped bust right P SEPT GETA CAES PONT, Reverse: Securitas seated left, holding globe, SECVRIT IMPERII, RIC 20a. 3.51 grammes, GVF with some edge cracks £100 - £120
223 Roman Ar Denarius (2) Nerva, Obverse: Laureate head right IMP NERVA CAES AVG AVG P M TR P COS II P P, Reverse: Fortuna seated left with rudder and cornucopia, 3.31 grammes, RIC 4, RSC 59 Fine, Nerva, Obverse: Laureate head right, IMP NERVA CAES AVG GERM P M TR P II, Reverse: Libertas standing left, holding pileus and sceptre, 3.35 grammes, RIC 43, VG/Near Fine £50 - £100
224 Roman Ar Denarius (2) Titus (79-81AD) Obverse: Bust right, T CAESAR IMP VESPASIANVS, Reverse: Eagle on cippus with head facing left, RIC 872(vesp), 2.97 grammes NVF with two small edge cracks, Trajan (98-117AD) obverse: Laureate Bust right, slight drapery on left shoulder, IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TRP, Reverse: Trophy with one round shield and two hexagonal shields, at the base, two javelins and two shields COS V PP SPQR OPTIMO PRINC, RIC 147b. 3.22 grammes NVF/VF with pleasing tone £100 - £120
225 Roman Ar Denarius (3) Geta (200-202AD) Obverse: Draped bust right P SEPT GETA CAES PONT, Reverse: Geta in Military dress, standing left with baton and sceptre, trophy behind, PRINC IVVENTVTIS, RSC 157, RIC 18, 3.08 grammes, NVF, Geta, Rome, 202AD Obverse Draped bust right, GETA CAES PONTIF, Reverse: Minerva helmeted, standing left, holding hand on shield and spear, 3.68 grammes, RSC 79, RIC 25 Good Fine with small edge cracks, Geta (200-202AD) as Caesar Obverse Draped Bust right, P SEPT GETA CAES PONT, Reverse Nobilitas standing right holding sceptre and palladium, NOBILITAS 2.85 grammes, RIC13a GVF/VF with some edge cracks £120 - £150
226 Roman Ar Denarius (3) Julia Maesa (218-222AD) Obverse: Bust right, draped, IVLIA MAESA AVG, Reverse Fecunditas standing left extends a hand over a child, and holds a cornucopia, RSC 8, RIC 249, 2.54 grammes NEF, Julia Maesa (218-222AD) Obverse: Bust right, diademed and draped bust right IVLIA MAESA AVG, Reverse: Felicitas standing left by altar, holding patera and caduceus, star in left field, SAECVLI FELICITAS, RSC 45b, RIC 272, weight 2.54 grammes, NVF, Julia Maesa (218-222AD) Obverse: Bust right, draped IVLIA MAESA AVG, Reverse: Pudicitia seated left, raising veil and holding sceptre RIC 268, RSC 36, weight 2.91 grammes, NEF with an edge crack at 12 o'clock £100 - £120
227 Roman Ar Denarius (3) Julia Soaemias (220-222AD) Obverse: Draped bust, right, IVLIA SOAEMIAS AVG, Reverse: Venus standing half-left, holding apple and sceptre, star in left field, VENVS CAELESTIS, 1.82 grammes, RIC 241, GVF with an edge crack, Julia Soaemias (220-222AD) Obverse: Draped bust, right IVLIA SOAMIAS AVG, Reverse: Venus seated left, holding sceptre, extending her hand to Cupid standing before her, RIC 243, weight 2.40 grammes, VG, Julioa Soaemias (220-222AD) Obverse: Draped bust, right, IVLIA SOAEMIAAS AVG Draped Bust, right, Reverse: Venus standing half-right, holding apple and sceptre, star in right field, RSC8, weight 3.84 grammes, NVF with a flan flaw on the edge at 6 o'clock £100 - £120
228 Roman Ar Denarius (3) Septimus Severus 205AD Obverse: Laureate Head right, SEVERVS PIVS AVG, Reverse: Roma standing left holding Victory and Spear, P M TR P XII COS III P P RSC 470, RIC 197, weight 3.45 grammes, VF toned with some small edge cracks, Septimus Severus 211AD Obverse: Laureate Head right SEVERVS PIVS AVG, Reverse: Trophy between two captives, with their hands supporting their heads, weight 3.29 grammes, RSC 370, RIC 176, Septimus Severus (193-211AD) Obverse: Laureate Bust right, SEVERVS AVG PART MAX, Reverse: Severus, veiled, standing left with branch and book, FVNDATOR PACIS, weight 3.12 grammes, RSC 203, EIC 160 Good Fine £100 - £120
229 Roman Ar Denarius (3) Trajan (103-111AD) Obverse: Laureate head right, draped on left shoulder, IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P, Reverse: Victory standing left holding wreath and palm, COS V P P S P Q R OPTIMO PRINC, 2.78 grammes, RIC 128 NVF, Trajan (103-111AD) Obverse: Laureate Head right IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC PM TR P, Reverse: Felicitas standing left, holding caduceus and cornucopiae, 3.06 grammes, RIC 121, Fine, Trajan (103-111AD) Obverse: Laureate Bust right, with draped far shoulder, IMP TRAIANVS AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS VI P P, Reverse: Trajan's father seated left with patera and sceptre, 3.14 grammes, RIC 252, Good Fine with an edge nick £120 - £150
230 Roman Ar Denarius (3) Vespasian 76AD, uncertain Asia minor mint, Obverse: Laureate Head right, IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, Reverse: Eagle standing on garlanded altar, facing right, COS [VII?] 2.84 grammes, About Fine, weak lettering in parts where sometime lightly tooled, Vespasian, 72-73AD Antioch Mint, Obverse: Laureate Head right [IMP CAE]S VESP AVG P M COS IIII, Reverse: Concordia seated left holding patera and cornucopiae, 2.7 grammes, RSC 474, RPC 1927, RIC 1554 Fine, Vespasian 71AD Obverse Laureate Head, right, IMP CAES [VESP AVG P ]M COS IIII, Reverse: Sacrificial implements ladle, whip, jug and lituus, 3.46 grammes, RSC 42, RIC 42, Fine £125 - £175
231 Roman Ar Denarius (4) Domitian 94AD Obverse: Laureate Head right IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P XIIII, Reverse Minerva walking right brandishing a spear and holding a shield, 3.16 grammes, RIC 766, VF with pleasing tone, Domitian 81AD Obverse: Laureate haead right (Anti-clockwise legend from lower right) IMP CAES DOMITIANVS AVG PONT, Reverse: Minerva walking right, brandishing spear with shield on left arm TR P COS VII DES VIII PP, 3.40 grammes, RIC 56, VF with small spots, Domitian 88AD, Obverse: Laureate Head right, IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM PM TR P VII, Reverse Minerva standing left holding thunderbolt and spear with shield at her left side, 3.26 grammes, RIC 593 NVF, Domitian Laureate Head right CAESAR DIVI F DOMITIANVS COS VII, Reverse: Lighted and garlanded altar PRINCEPS IVVENTVTIS RSC 397a, 3.11 grammes, Fine £140 - £180
232 Roman Ar Denarius (4) Julia Domna (207-209AD) Obverse: Draped bust right, IVLIA AVGVSTA AVG, Reverse Pudicitia seated left, facing left, holds right breast, raising drapery from shoulder, PVDICITIA, RSC 168, weight 2.29 grammes, VF with a flan crack at 3 o'clock on the reverse: Julia Domna (207-209AD) Obverse: Draped Bust right, IVLIA AVGVSTA, Reverse: Hilaritas standing left with palm and cornucopiae, with children to either side of her, HILARITAS, weight 3.48 grammes, RIC 557, VF toned: Julia Domna (207-209AD) Laodicea ad Mare, Syria, Draped Bust right, Obverse: IVLIA AVGVUSTA, Reverse Pietas standing front, head left, raising hands in prayer over lighted altar, weight 3.33 grammes, RIC 643, Bright Good Fine: Julia Domna (207-209AD) Obverse: Head right, bare, bust draped, IVLIA AVGVSTA, Reverse: Fortuna standing left, holding cornucopiae and leaning on reversed rudder FORTVNA FELICI, weight 2.57 grammes, RIC 552, VF/NVF with some thin cracks £120 - £150
233 Roman Ar Denarius (4) Severus Alexander (222-235AD) Obverse: Bust right Laureate and draped, IMP C M AVR ALEXAND AVG, Reverse: Alexander standing left, sacrificing out of patera, P M TR P VI COS II P P, 3.02 grammes, RIC 70, NVF: Severus Alexander 229AD, Obverse: Laureate Head right, IMP SEV ALEXAND AVG, Reverse: Mars walking left, holding branch, spear and sword, P M TR P COS III P P, 2.94 grammes, RIC 92, VF/GVF the Mars reverse particularly pleasing with superb detail: Severus Alexander (233-235AD) Obverse: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust, right, Reverse: Liberalitas standing left with abacus and cornucopiae, 3.25 grammes, RIC 148, NVF: Severus Alexander 232AD. Obverse: Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG, Reverse: Jupiter standing front, head right, naked but for cloak flying out to left, preparing to hurl thunderbolt, 3.59 grammes, RIC 235 NVF £120 - £150
234 Roman Ar Denarius (4) Severus Alexander (222-235AD) Obverse: Bust right, draped, IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG Reverse: Mars standing left with reversed spear P M TR P COS PP, 3.09 grammes, RIC 7 NEF/GVF with a flan flaw on the obverse: Severus Alexander (222-235AD) Obverse: Laureate Head right IMP SEV ALEXAND AVG, Reverse: Mars walking right, holding transverse spear and trophy over shoulder, 2.99 grammes, RIC 82, NEF and attractively toned. Severus Alexander (222-235AD) Obverse: Layreate, draped and cuirassed bust right, IMP C M ANR SEV ALEXAND AVG, Reverse: Providentia standing left holding sceptre, and baton over globe at feet, PROVIDENTIA, 2.87 grammes, RIC 174, VF with a thin edge crack at 12 o'clock. Severus Alexander (222-235AD) Obverse: Bust draped, right IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG, Reverse: Fortuna standing left with rudder and cornucopia, FORTUNAE REDVCI 3.19 grammes, VF £80 - £100
235 Roman Ar Denarius Augustus, Lyons Mint (2BC-c.13AD) Obverse: Bust right, laureate CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER [PATRIAE], Reverse: Gaius and Lucius standing facing, each with a hand resting upon a round shield, below, a spear, and in the field above, a lituus right and simpulum left, in a b9 type formation, AVGVSTI F COS DESIG [PRINC IVVENT], C L CAESARES in exergue below, RSC 43, RIC 207, Fine £110 - £140
236 Roman Ar Denarius Augustus, Lyons Mint (2BC-c.13AD) Obverse: Bust right, laureate CAESAR AVGVSTVS DIVI F PATER PATRIAE, Reverse: Gaius and Lucius standing facing, each with a hand resting upon a round shield, below, a spear, and in the field above, a lituus right and simpulum left, in a b9 type formation, AVGVSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVVENT, C L CAESARES in exergue below,RSC 43, RIC 207, Good Fine/NVF with a thin surface crack at 10 o'clock £160 - £200
237 Roman Ar Denarius Augustus. Lyons Mint, 2BC-13AD Obverse Laureate Head right, CAESAR AVGUSTVS DIVI F PATER RATRIAE, Reverse AVGUSTI F COS DESIG PRINC IVV [ENT], [C L] CAESARES below, Gaius and Lucius standing front, each with a hand resting on a round shield, & in the field above, a lituus right and simpulum left in b9-like formation, RIC 207, 3.67 grammes, Fine £100 - £150
238 Roman Ar Denarius Galba c.69AD Obverse Bare Head right IMP SER GALBA AVG, Reverse SPQR OB CS in three lines within oak wreath RSC 287, 3.25 grammes, Fine/Good Fine with some scratches below the bust £400 - £500
239 Roman Ar Denarius Julius Caesar 47-46BC, mint in North Africa, Obverse: Diademed head of Venus, right, no legend, Reverse: Aeneas walking left, carrying Anchises and the Palladium, CAESAR, Sear 1402, RSC 12, Syd 1013, Fine or slightly better £250 - £300
240 Roman Ar Denarius Mark Antony, Athens Mint, 38-37BC. Obverse: Mark Antony standing right, dressed as a priest [M ANTONIVS M F] N AVGVR IM TER, veiled wearing a toga and holding a lituus, Reverse: Radiate Head of Sol right III VIR R P C COS DESIG ITER [ET TERT] Sear 1474, Syd 1199 Fine, the reverse with some scratches £150 - £175
241 Roman Ar Denarius Nero. c.60AD Obverse Bare head right NERO CAESAR AVG IMP, Reverse: VIRTUS standing left, foot on pile of arms, holding parazonium and spear, RSC 220, 3.49 grammes, Fine £280 - £320
242 Roman Ar Denarius Octavia (36BC) Obverse: Bare head right IMP CAESAR DIVI [F III VIR I] TER R P C, Reverse: Priestly implements: simpulum, sprinkler, jug and lituus, [COS ITER] ET TER DESIG 3.71 grammes, Near Fine with some weaker areas £200 - £250
243 Roman Ar Quinarius Antoninus Pius 138-161AD Obverse Bust right Laureate, Reverse Winged figure standing, No legend, 12.86 grammes, Fine £125 - £175
244 Roman Ar Siliqua Eugenius (392-394AD) Trier Mint. Obverse: Bust right, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed D N EVGENIVS PF AVG, Reverse: Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Victory on globe in right hand, reversed spear in left hand, mintmark TRPS in exergue, 1.52 grammes, RIC IX 106d, About VF with an edge chip at 9 o'clock and a flan flaw at the top of the obverse £500 - £600
245 Roman Ar Siliqua Julian II Obverse: Bust right, rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed FL CL IVLIANVS P P ANG, Reverse: VOTIS V MVLTIS X in 4 lines within wreath, mintmark LVG below RSC 163c Good Fine £25 - £50
246 Roman Denarii (3) Fabius Labeo 124BC Obverse: Bust right with X below chin, Reverse: Jupiter in Quadriga right, Q.FABI in exergue below, 3.73 grammes Fine, Cornelius Lentulus (88BC) Obverse: Helmeted Bust right, no legend, Reverse: Victory in Biga CN.LEN[TVL] in exergue, 3.91 grammes, Fine, Anonymous (209-208BC) Obverse: Helmeted head of Roma right with X behind, Reverse: The Dioscuri riding right, ROMA below in exergue, 4.17 grammes Fine £70 - £120

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