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London Coins Auction 165
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846 Banknote Albums (15) complete with pages, in excellent second hand condition £0 - £50
847 Books (19) Banknote-related titles including English Paper Money by Vincent Duggleby (7) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th editions. Banknote Yearbook by Token Publishing (4) 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th editions. Isle of Man Paper Money 2014. Paper Money of Scotland Volumes 1 and 2 by Jonathan Callaway and Dave Murphy First Edition 2018. Standard Catalogue of Paper Money by Albert Pick 3rd edition 1980. Krause World Paper Monet 1961-present 14th edition. Collectors' Banknotes 2008 Treasury and Bank of England 15th Edition, . Paper Money 1989 Fixed Annual price list by Victor Gadoury. The Banking History List September 2008, all in good second-hand condition. (Total weight over 17 Kilos). Room bidders only, to be removed from the room on auction day, no postal bidders. £0 - £20
848 Books (6) 20th Century Scottish Banknotes (Volume 1) by James Douglas 1984, a Library edition signed by the author number 25 of 500. Paper Money of Ireland by Bob Blake and Jonathan Callaway 2009 First edition. A British Collector's Guide to British Cheques by David Shaw 1986. British Military Authority Occupation Currency 1942-1956 Europe and North Africa by T.F.A.van Elmpt 2003. British Armed Forces Special Vouchers by T.F.A.van Elmpt 1994. Illustrated Catalogue of Hong Kong Currency by Mars Numismatic Company, all in very good second-hand condition £20 - £40
1428 A Large Coin cabinet with 14 trays and three additional drawers 450mm x 390mm x 435mm in good second-hand condition £25 - £75
1429 A wooden cabinet with two home-made trays will hold 89 coins of differing sizes, in good second-hand condition £10 - £20
1430 An ornamental Silver Key weighing 87.6 grammes UNC in a fitted presentation box, as part of a group GB and World Medals, Tokens, some cap badges and numismatic items (93) includes some in silver and some boxed items, a varied group, in mixed grades to UNC £75 - £100
1431 Books (10) The Bronze Coinage of the Late Roman Empire by Hugh Goodacre, Spink 1922. The Milled Silver Coinage of Great Britain, Spink 1925. The Coin Collector's Manual Volumes I and II by H.Noel Humphreys 1853. Trade Tokens Issued in the Seventeenth Century in the County of Hertfordshire by George C.Williamson. Glendining & Co. Auction Catalogue 4th November 1958 Part VII of the Richard Cyril Lockett Collection (English part III). English Coins by George C. Brooke, 1932. Handbook of the Coins of Great Britain and Ireland, The British Museum 1899. Catalogue of the Coins and Medals of the Tudors and Stuarts for sale by B.A.Seaby Ltd. Roman Silver Coins Volume I The Republic to Augustus, by H.A.Seaby 1967 in mixed condition £0 - £30
1432 Boxes (empty of coins) for the 1937 Four Coin Gold Set official Royal Mint Boxes (6) good second-hand £80 - £100
1433 Brooch with the design taken from the three minetae Sestertius of Septimus Severus Sear 6416 NVF £20 - £40
1434 Costume Jewellery and related including chains, rings and brooches all tested as non-precious metal and non-precious stones, a quantity of promoters Zirconia Simulant Diamonds, two bags reported to be uncut emeralds, and a quantity of tiny silver bars, (lot) bought as seen with no return option £50 - £250
1435 Countermarked (18) Ancients to Victoria, some unofficial, a wide variety Poor to Fine £20 - £40
1436 Countermarked (5) Brazil 20 Reis 1787 countermark GF, host coin Fine, Guadeloupe 3 Sols 9 Deniers 1793 on French Colonial 12 Deniers 1767A countermark Fine, host coin G/VG, GB Shilling George III 1819 with IT countermark, countermark About Fine, host coin VG, Mexico 2 Reales worn, holed and with unknown countermark, Switzerland 20 Rappen 1850 worn, with unofficial (?) GENEVA countermark £20 - £50
1437 Countermarked, Halfcrown 1720 20 over 17 Roses and Plumes ESC 590, Bull 1555 Near Fine, the obverse with GAISFORD countermarked three times £50 - £100
1438 Enamelled Crown George III 1817-1820 5 colours, good workmanship, on a pin brooch mount £30 - £60
1439 Enamelled George III Crowns (3) reverses enamelled, each with reasonable workmanship, two with pin mounts on the obverse £140 - £180
1440 Engraved Halfpenny 1853 with the Queen's head re-engraved into a male head with beard, moustache and uniformed on the neck, Good Fine and unusual £30 - £40
1441 Gaming Counter Simon de Passee Edward III Fine with a small hole and a small plug, along with Mint Error - Mis-Strikes (3) Shilling 1932 George V partial brockage, the incuse design struck over about 2/3 of the flan, the last digit of the date struck in correct relief on one side, the first three digits incuse and reversed on the other side, Fine and highly unusual, Penny 1917 on a spread flan each side with an incuse impression of the other over the main design, this possibly done after minting, Good Fine, Co-op Brass token - Oldham Threepence with double striking to the reverse, the overstrike covering around half the token on both sides EF and lustrous £30 - £70
1442 Halfcrown 1646 Newark a display imitation on a thick flan weighing 13.97 grammes, made possibly in Victorian times, Bold Fine and of good style £20 - £50
1443 Jewellery items (5) a pair of curved drop ear-rings, one missing the pin, a key pendant with 18 forming part of the design, a small ornamental dove, and a locket with a thin layer of 9 carat gold forming the front and back, only the last item with a hallmark, in mixed condition £10 - £30
1444 Medallic Hub Trial 1845 in bronze obverse uniface for Belgium Medal The Belgian Liberals of Eugenie Sue, LES LIBERAUX BELGES A EUGENE SUE, 51mm diameter in bronze, the medal by Hart, January 1845, EF £50 - £150
1445 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Cyprus 5 Mils 1955 on a smaller 23mm diameter flan, Fine, comes with the standard coin on a 25.5mm diameter flan for comparison £50 - £60
1446 Mint Error - Mis-strike Farthing George III a spectacular obverse double struck brockage, the second striking 13mm off the first, the 'overlapped' area showing incuse renditions from both coins, VG a highly unusual piece £25 - £50
1447 Mint Error - Mis-strike Florin Reverse brockage Fine or better, along with Florin 1883 VG/Near Fine £75 - £150
1448 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Halfpenny 1739 double struck the obverse showing two exergues and part of a duplicated date, the obverse with a doubled portrait profile and interestingly a long die-break, possibly the actual die-break piece, and thereby causing the doubling £30 - £60
1449 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Straits Settlements One Cent 1845, the obverse legend not struck (or removed) Obverse portrait VG, Reverse Near Fine, viewing recommended £25 - £75
1450 Mint Error- Mis-Strike Crown 1960 the edge mostly plain with only a tiny amount of milling visible all the way round, at one extremity of the edge, also with a planchet clip at 5 o'clock, About UNC and very unusual £40 - £50
1451 Mint Error- Mis-Strikes (2) Crowns 1960 both weak edge milling with a plain area in the centre of the edge all the way round About UNC and unusual £30 - £40
1452 Mint Errors - Mis-strikes (11) GB and World includes GB Penny 1963 with a major lamination flaw, also off-centre and planchet clips in mixed grades some in lustrous UNC £25 - £50
1453 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (2) Decimal Ten Pence 1973 with a planchet clip NEF, Iran 2000 Dinars (2 Kran) AH1310 Near Fine struck around 10% off-centre with around 4mm blank flan £20 - £40
1454 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (5) Decimal Twenty Pence 2005 struck in iron? With a trace of copper colour on the surface, the edge with a raised 'seam'. 3.3 grammes EF. Decimal Ten Pences (2) 1997 struck off-centre with a slightly raised 'lip' between 2 and 5 o'clock on the reverse, Plain edge, About EF, 2014 struck slightly off-centre the edge mostly plain with a thin strip of milling. Decimal Five Pence 2000 struck in iron? with a trace of copper colour on the surface, 1.61 grammes, VF. Decimal One Penny 1999 struck in steel with no copper coating, 3.34 grammes EF £150 - £200
1455 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (93) misshapen flans, Spread flans, damaged flans, weak strikes and more, along with a further group of blank flans (15) in mixed grades £100 - £120
1456 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes, United Kingdom INA Fantasy Pattern Euro errors (5) 2 Euros 2002 apparently struck in brass with the outer ring plated, 2 Cents undated (2002) reverse brockage, 2 Cents 2002 the obverse with a tall raised lip over 1mm high, 1 Cents an obverse and reverse uniface pair each struck in silver, an unusual group, A/UNC to UNC £70 - £100
1457 Mint Errors - Mis-strikes, United Kingdom INA Fantasy Pattern Euro errors (6) 2 Euro 2003 struck in copper 13.24 grammes, 50 Cents 2003 with different reverse design: large 50 to right, with globe and dove to left PROVA PROBE believed unique, 9.6 grammes, 10 Cents (2) 2003 struck in copper, 6.27 grammes (normal issue 4.8 grammes) with a sample goldine issue for comparison, 2 Cents 2003 (2) both struck in nickel each 5.47 grammes, UNC and lustrous £80 - £100
1458 Model or Toy Money (109) mostly by Lauer, Victoria and Edward VII, in mixed grades £85 - £115
1459 Paranumismatic items and Machine Tokens (around 7 Kilos) a varied group in mixed grades £40 - £80
1460 Paranumismatic items, a varied group includes a small group of badges and buttons (around 6 Kilos) in mixed grades £40 - £80
1461 Silver and Gold :- In Silver -: The Most Famous Landmarks of the World (Tower Bridge, Brandenburg Gate, Colosseum, Eiffel Tower to name a few) all on Official Silver Coin Bars 17 small silver bars featuring the land marks with 10 in a presentation card, One Ounce fine silver bars (6) various sized silver bar money with a variety of themes (11 with one cased), Liberia 10 Dollars 1996 One Ounce Silver Bar money. In Gold :- Tristan Da Chuna Half Crown 2009 0.5 grams pure, Solomon Islands 10 Dollars 2014 Tower Bridge 1 gram pure, Suisse 1 gram pure gold bar all. Unc - BU as issued £100 - £200
1462 Silver dishes (3) the first with a Twopence 1797 set into the base, the second with a Crown-medal 1977 EF set into the base, the third with a Coronation Medal 1902 Eimer 1870 64mm diameter in bronze, the dishes 125mm, 130mm and 135mm diameter respectively £100 - £150
1463 Sterling Silver, Powder Puff, Cigarette Case (1955), Ladel, Tea Spoon Set (cased) and two cased 6 piece cutlery sets £350 - £550
1464 Tokens, Jettons, Weights, includes some medals, a Masonic uniface medal in silver (?) by F.Halliday with holed for suspension, with set square attached, and paranumismatic items (74), in mixed grades £30 - £60
1465 Toy Money and Spielgeld (121) a wide variety, includes GB, Germany and Belgium, in mixed grades £30 - £60
1466 Two Shillings 1889 Coryton Proposed coinage, struck on a 27mm square flan, in silvered bronze? Obverse: Bust of King George III right, on an ornate background PROPOSED CORYTON COINAGE, Reverse: TWO SHILLINGS 1889, in three lines, crowned, NVF tooled in the fields, (as made?) the edge with a seam suggesting made in two halves in the style of an electrotype, a highly unusual item, no information regarding the mintage or previous sales could we uncover £50 - £100
1467 Westminster and similar boxes (12) some with trays in good second-hand condition, must be collected from the auction room on the day of the sale (no postal service) £0 - £20

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