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144 Accessories including a quantity of Westminster boxes, an aluminium carrying box containing Lindner Trays, with capsules and more Lindner trays, in good used condition (lot, total weight over 20 Kilos) £0 - £20
145 Books - Roman Imperial Coinage the complete set of 10 Volumes in 11 parts, by Harold Mattingly, Mattingly and Sutherland, Mattingly, Sutherland and Carson, and J.P.C.Kent respectively, note that Volume II is now out of print, in excellent second-hand condition, containing thousands of pages of invaluable information about the series, along with Trade Tokens issued in the 17th Century (all 3 volumes) by George C. Williamson in good second-hand condition, the dust jackets creased (total; weight over 21 Kilos) £0 - £750
146 Books a large and wide ranging selection (62) includes many useful titles, particularly in Hammered and Ancient Coins: Celtic Coinage of Britain by R.D. Van Arsdell, The History And Coinage of The Roman Imperators 49-27BC by David.R.Sear, The John Brooker Collection - Coins of Charles I by J.J.North and P.J.Preston-Morley, The Herbert Schneider Collection of English Gold Coins Volumes I and II, Roman Coins and Their Values Volumes I, II, III and IV by David Sear, Roman Silver Coins Volumes I, II, III, IV and V by Seaby, Thrymsas and Sceattas in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Volumes I, II and III by D.M.Metcalf, Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values by David R.Sear, Byzantine Coins and Their Values by David R.Sear, Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles (13 Volumes) includes Anglo-Saxon Pennies by J.D.A.Thompson, Anglo-Saxon Pennies Aethelred II by Georg Galster, University Collection, Reading - Anglo Saxon and Norman Coins/ Royal Coin Cabinet, Stockholm Anglo-Norman Pennies, Bristol and Gloucester Museums - Ancient British Coins and Coins of Bristol and Gloucestershire Mints , R.P.Mack Collection Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coins, by R.P.Mack, Museums in East Anglia - The Morley St. Peter Hoard, Anglo-Saxon - Angevin coins and later Norwich Coins, by T.H.McK.Clough, American Collections - Ancient British, Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coins by Jeremiah D.Brady, Polish Museums - Anglo-Saxon and later medieval British Coins, by Andrzej Mokolajczyk, The Norweb Collection - Tokens of the British Isles 1575-1750 Part II Dorset, Durham, Essex and Gloucestershire by R.H. THompson, Royal Coin Cabinet Stockholm, Part IV, Anglo-Saxon Coins Harold I and Harthacnut 1035-10452 by T.Talvio, The Norweb Collection - Tokens of the British Isles 1575-1750 Part III Hampshire to Lincolnshire, by R.H.Thompson and M.J.Dickinson, The Norweb Collection - Tokens of the British Isles 1575-1750 Part IV Norfolk to Somerset, by R.H.Thompson and M.J.Dickinson, The J.P.Mass Collection of English Short Cross Coins 1180-1247 by Jeffrey P.Mass, along with a host of other useful titles (total lot consists of 62 books), Room Buyers only, to be removed from the room on the day of the sale £0 - £100
147 Brass weighing scale with a set of 7 weights, in case, along with postcards (58) , mostly black and white with a few colour and a few sepia toned, mostly European subjects, in mixed condition £50 - £75
148 Cabinet with 5 drawers with apertures for holding 64mm diameter pieces (35) in excellent second-hand condition £0 - £20
149 Cabinet with 6 display trays, 445mm x 295mm x 235mm, the trays with 10 spaces for 50mm coins or medals, the sixth tray for storage, in good second-hand condition £40 - £60
150 Cabinet, Large professionally made double columned 60 tray coin cabinet with felt lined slots good second hand. These large cabinets seldom offered and very difficult to obtain. (Will be on display at the auction rooms in Bracknell not in our New Ash Green offices, and will need to be removed by the buyer from Bracknell) £200 - £600
151 Cabinet, professionally made, by Peter Nichols of St. Leonards, 14 trays with all felts 250mm x 200mm x 190mm lockable, all trays to take Halfcrown-sized coins, in very good second-hand condition £20 - £50
152 Cap Badges, Badges (99) includes two masonic medals enamelled and in silver and a Civil Nursing Reserve badge in silver £30 - £50
153 Coin Dies (8) previously used to make trade badges, a mix of designs 25mm to 35mm with oval and square types £0 - £50
154 Coin Weights from an old overseas collection, James I and Charles I (11) include Unite, Angel and Crown types, one on a square flan (Klippe-style) in mixed grades NVF to EF, a pleasing group £175 - £225
155 Countermarked Halfcrown 1848 8 over 6 ESC 681A countermark appears to be a crown over lettering or numbers, countermark and host coin both Fair, unusual £100 - £120
156 Engraved Crowns (2) 1819 LX engraved AD Jan 1st 1820 in the obverse field, GVF, and 1819 LIX engraved MD Jan 1st 1820 in the obverse field, NEF, both in similar styles £125 - £325
157 Engraved Penny 1862 the edge engraved 'HARRY GARTH JANUARY 5th 1863 HAPPY NEW YEAR OR ANY OTHER MAN GF/NVF £25 - £75
158 Fantasy Sovereign 1977 5.16 grammes of 9 carat gold, UNC, Fantasy Half Sovereign 2.58 grammes of 9 carat gold UNC £200 - £250
159 Germany 1895 80th Birthday of Otto Von Bismarck in silver 38mm diameter by Oertel EF £100 - £150
160 Great Seals of the Realm (2 sets) the first 'Nineteenth Century', an impressive five piece collection of medallic 5 ounce pure silver issues depicting the Royal seals of George III (2), George IV, William IV and Victoria superb engraving well presented with detailed historical documentation UNC and in the wooden impressive case as issued by The Royal Mint, issue number 331 of 1,000 limit. The second, Great Seals of the Realm, Twentieth Century, an impressive six piece collection of medallic 5 ounce pure silver issues depicting the Royal seals of Victoria, Edward VII, George V (2), George VI and Elizabeth II superb engraving well presented with detailed historical documentation Unc and cased as issued by The Royal Mint. issue number 199 of 1,000 limit £500 - £700
161 Masonic mostly Stewards medals 1920s to 1970s (21) , many by Toye, Kenning and Spencer one in .625 gold the others in silver, enamelled, three in soft cases £500 - £1,000
162 Medallic First Day Covers (9) Great Britons (4) Crown-sized medals in silver in the sleeves UNC in the blue album of issue, The Partners in Space Commemorative 1975 Apollo - Soyuz Silver Crown-sized medal and stamps, EEC Medallic Cover 1973 Medal and stamps, County Cricket Centenary 1973 Crown-sized and in silver, with stamps, Test Cricket Centenary 1977 Crown-sized and in silver, with stamps, Royal Wedding 1973 Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips Silver Crown-sized medal and stamps, USA Bicentenary 1976 32mm diameter in silver, with stamps, The Turner Bicentenary 1975 Silver Crown-sized medal with stamps, The Railway Sesquicentennial Medallic First Day Cover Crown-sized silver medal with stamps, all UNC as issued some prooflike, Medal John F.Kennedy undated, Crown sized, UNC in box, Crowns 1977 (4) UNC, along with Papua New Guinea Numismatic Covers 1975 10 Kina to 1 Toea all Proof coins the 10 Kina and 5 Kina in silver FDC on the covers of issue with stamps in the album of issue, also World Wildlife First Day Covers (144) in an album from a wide range of countries, by John Pinches Ltd. (1976-1980) UNC in the album of issue £90 - £150
163 Millionaires Collection Fantasy Edward III Double Leopard 4.17 grammes of 22 carat gold, by London Mint Office, Lustrous UNC, uncased £110 - £140
164 Mint Error - Mis Strike Halfpenny George III Contemporary Counterfeit 1775 a spectacular double striking with each striking 15mm apart, Fair and seldom seen with this degree of double striking £25 - £50
165 Mint Error - Mis-Strike British West Africa Threepence 1938H struck off-centre with a raised lip of around 2mm between 12 and 6 o'clock GEF with a few small tone spots £25 - £50
166 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Halfpenny 1694 an additional N in BRITANNNIA (3 Ns) and the King's name having and additional MVS at the end, VG unusual £40 - £75
167 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Halfpenny George I 1718 Good Fine/Fine struck about 5% off-centre with around 2mm blank flan between 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock £60 - £80
168 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Halfpenny George III 1775 a double striking with each strike around 8mm apart, with two dates visible of the reverse VG/Fine and unusual £50 - £75
169 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Halfpenny George III Contemporary Counterfeit 1775 Reverse Brockage Near Fine, unusual £80 - £100
170 Mint Error - Mis-Strike India Rupee 1903 Bombay Mint, B incuse KM#508 struck off-centre the reverse with a raised lip between 9 o'clock and 1 o'clock, with a plain edge, GEF and lustrous with a thin scratch on the obverse £100 - £150
171 Mint Error - Mis-Strike India Rupee Victoria Gothic head, Obverse brockage VF, along with South Africa Halfcrown 1896 the obverse has Kruger with hat and pipe Fine £45 - £75
172 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Penny 1874 Reverse Brockage, around Fine, very unusual to see reverse brockages in the Victorian series £45 - £75
173 Mint Error - Mis-Strike Sovereign 1898 NVF/GVF with part of the word FID and part of the edge of an additional coin visible on Victoria's face, very unusual to see mis-strikes on any of the gold series £300 - £400
174 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (10) USA (2) Five Cents 1883 with IN GOD WE TRUST and FIVE CENTS weak or partially missing About UNC, Dime 1862S with die axis misaligned by around 45 degrees VG, GB (8) Halfpenny 1730 struck on a large, spread flan (very similar in appearance to the 1732 example in Peck plate 14, no. 844, but dated 1730) Fine with attempted holing, GB Penny 1962 on a thin flan and weighing 5.89 grammes VF, Small Planchet clips (5) Decimal Ten Pence 1969 NEF and Sixpences (4) 1961, 1967 (3) VF to EF, and Decimal Halfpenny Obverse struck normally, the reverse almost blank with a trace of reversed Queen's portrait, slightly off-centre with raised lip, along with Australia Penny 1964 with edge damage this possibly after minting VF £95 - £125
175 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (2) India 2 Rupees 2003 struck off-centre with a raised lip around about a third of the coin NEF, Nigeria Shilling 1959 KM#5 struck without a collar, on a larger 24mm diameter flan, interestingly the coin still has the security edge, EF/AU £65 - £85
176 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (2) Shilling 1723 SSC VG/Fine with an additional part of a second coin struck between 1 and 2 o'clock on the obverse, Shilling 1842 VG toned with an additional part of a second coin between 8 and 9 o'clock, this unclear £70 - £95
177 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes (5) Decimal issues - Fifty Pence 1998 with a planchet clip across the first angle EF, Decimal Twenty Pences (2) 1999 on a small 17mm diameter flan, struck off-centre, 1999 GEF with two planchet clips, Five Pence Small size undated, the coin with a ragged cut thus missing around 2/3 of the coin including the date area EF, Two Pence 1971 GVF with a planchet clip £25 - £75
178 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes Decimal One Penny with copper plating missing (removed?) Fine, Decimal One Pound struck on a One Penny planchet, mostly worn, Poor, Penny 1879 with the E of ONE worn (removed?) VG, Penny 1889 on a smaller sized flan (machined?) along with a normal example for comparison Poor and VG, One Cent Canada 1943 appears coated or dipped with the weight the same as a standard coin, Fine £50 - £75
179 Mint Errors - Mis-Strikes USA (22) Planchet clips, broadstrikes and off-centres Half Dollar 1966 Planchet clip GEF, Quarter Dollar 1956 planchet clip A/UNC, Dimes (7) 1953 Planchet clip, lustrous UNC, 1954 rim flattened in minting, UNC, 1959 Planchet clip UNC, 1962D Planchet clip UNC, 1965 Double planchet clip EF, 1994D Double planchet clip, 2004P Broadstrike, One Cent (13) 1946S Planchet clip UNC, 1953S Planchet clip UNC, 1958 Planchet clip UNC, 1958 Planchet clip VF, 1970S Planchet clip UNC, 1974 Planchet clip A/UNC, 1983 Off-centre UNC, 1983 Double planchet clip A/UNC, 1988 off-centre with around 4mm blank flan A/UNC, 1999 off-centre EF, 2000 broadstrike errors (2) both UNC, 2001 Broadstrike error UNC, the vast majority with lustre £50 - £100
180 Mint Errors - Mis-trikes and Paranumismatic (12) includes off-centre, thin flans and planchet clips, in mixed grades £25 - £75
181 Mint Errors- Mis-Strikes (2) Brass Threepence George VI largely without legend or date only faint traces remain in parts, the fields with some thin scratches, United Kingdom One Euro 1992 Britannia double struck with each striking bold and clear around 11mm apart Lustrous UNC £40 - £60
182 Model Pennies - Joseph Moore Bimetallic types (31) in mixed grades to NEF £25 - £50
183 One Pound Royal Mint Trial piece 2015 in a PCGS holder and graded SP63 (Specimen) £110 - £140
184 Paranumismatic including Coin Weights some 18th century, Medals, and Toy Money (lot) £50 - £100
185 Proof Set boxes for 1937 Gold sets (4) in good second-hand condition £60 - £80
186 Silver chain with attached Hawaii (3) Half Dollar 1883 Breen 8034 NVF, Quarter Dollar 1883 Breen 8033 NVF and One Dime 1883 Fine all edge mounted, total weight 24.81 grammes £60 - £80
187 Six New Pence 2017 UNC in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate as part of a group of Accessories includes 4 Lindner trays, a Spink 2014 catalogue, magnifier, and more, in mixed condition £10 - £30
188 The British Horse Society Silver Sculpture 'Playing Up' a limited edition cast in .925 sterling silver, issued by John Pinches in 1975, in excellent condition, in the box of issue with certificates £160 - £220
189 The Empire Collection of (25) silver stamp replicas gold plated .925 silver cased as issued with certificate £100 - £150
190 The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Spoon Collection a 12-piece set in sterling silver by John Pinches, the spoon respectively showing the Kestrel, Great Crested Grebe, Robin, Kingfisher, Dartford Warbler, Heron, Puffin, Nuthatch, Herring Gull, Curlew, Avocet and Long-eared Owl each spoon with a different bird in a gilt oval in the handle, in the box of issue with certificates £90 - £120
191 Tokens, Machine Tokens, and Paranumismatic items, a mixed group, in mixed grades (small lot) £100 - £150
192 Tokens, Medals, medalets and Paranumismatic items, 18th to 20th Century (164) includes Army Temperance Medals in silver (3) c.1897-1901, in mixed grades, Kent Messenger Calendar Medal 1959, George V Silver Jubilee 1935 32mm diameter in silver, the Official Royal Mint issue EF a varied group, along with Engraved small silver (14), counter stamped coppers (2) and Engraved Halfpenny 1774 'John Rotherham/ Sign Painter in Derby 1774/ John Blease/ To F M U / Tobacconist, Liverpool, also Halfpennies Contemporary counterfeits and evasions (23) George II and George III types, in mixed circulated grades £180 - £220
193 Toy Money (42) Crowns to Fractional Farthings a varied selection, includes examples by Moore and Lauer, in mixed grades, along with Gaming tokens Spade Guinea types Guineas (2), Half Guineas (10) in mixed grades £40 - £60

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