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40 Archbishop Sancroft and the Bishops 1688 Eimer 288a (Struck) Obverse: Bust facing right wearing a cap and clerically robed GVIL.SANCROFT.ARCHIEPISC.CANTAVR.1688. Reverse Seven medallions containing busts, clerically robed, of William Lloyd, Francis Turner, John Lake, Henry Compton, Thomas Ken, Thomas White, and Sir John Trelawney, a field of stars, edge: SI FRACTUS ILLABATUR ORBIS IMPAUIDOS FERIENT RUINAE. GVF toned. Cataloguers Note : William Sancroft (1617-1693) Archbishop of Canterbury refused to read James II's 'Declaration of Indulgence' exempting Catholics and dissenters from penal statutes. The bishops were committed to the Tower for opposing the edicts of James II £50 - £100
41 Austria Admont Abbey 800th Anniversary 36mm diameter in silver Obverse: Portraits of church officials, 29.SEPT 1074 below, GEBHARDUS ARCHIEP. JUVAV. CONDIT ABBATIAM ASMONTENSEM, Reverse:- A view of the Abbey ABBATIA O.S.B.ADMONTENSIS 1874 below, two crowned coat-of-arms with motto above, Unc and lustrous £300 - £500
42 Austria Medallic Show Thaler - 1683 Battle of Vienna 45mm diameter in silver, commemorating the Liberation of Vienna from Turkish siege, the defeat of the Turks and the relief of Vienna by Jahann III Sobieki of Poland. Obverse: An imperial double eagle brandishing a sword and sceptre atop a globe showing a map of Vienna. The sun rises above while crescent moon sinks below. Rev: The reverse has an 18 line legend describing how the Polish King John III Sobieski, with 20,000 troops, relieved the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683 and drove them back to the Raab, and thereby freed Hungary. By leading the decisive Polish cavalry charge himself, Sobieski was acclaimed the hero of Christendom. UNC or near so and attractively toned, Cataloguers note: On researching this piece other examples were noted showing minor varieties in parts of the design, including the number of points around the sun and the date being shown as 1683 rather than MDCLXXXIII as shown here. We were able to find only three other examples all showing these minor differences, one being sold for $1600 hammer price in an internet auction. £200 - £400
43 Aviation - Wilbur and Orville Wright, First Powered Flight December 17, 1903 38mm diameter Obverse busts facing WILBUR AND ORVILLE WRIGHT, Reverse the Kittyhawk in flight, FIRST POWERED FLIGHT DECEMBER 17, 1903 UNC nicely toned £40 - £80
44 Battle of Blenheim 1704 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker Eimer 409 Obverse:- Bust left, draped, ANNA D:G: MAG: BR: FRA: ET. HIB: REG. Reverse:- Britannia seated on a globe, right: Victory in her hand regards a captive seated on military trophies DE.GALLE: ET. BAV: AD. BLENHEIM. Exergue: CAPT: ET. CAES. XXXM. SIGN. RELAT. CLXIII. MDCCIV VF £40 - £80
45 Battle of Britain 25th Anniversary Commemorative Medal undated (1965) in 18 carat gold 40mm weighing 35.45 grammes, nFDC to FDC and prooflike, in The Royal Mint London plastic holder £600 - £900
46 Bicentenary of the French Revolution a 15-medal set in bronze by Monnaie de Paris (minted 1987-1989) each of the medals 77mm in diameter and depicting key figures and events of the time, UNC and housed in three large luxury red folders, with numbered certificate (1221) £75 - £150
47 Charles Dickens 100th Anniversary of his Death 1870-1970 64mm diameter in gilt silver by P.Vincze, 120 grammes UNC in the Royal Mint presentation box, only 500 issued £35 - £75
48 Charles I Memorial undated (1649) 50mm diameter in copper Eimer 162a by J.Roettiers Obverse Armoured Bust right, CAROL.D.G.M.B.F.ET.H.REX.&.GLOR.MEM, Reverse Hand issuing from heaven holding a celestial Crown, below, sheep in a landscape VIRTVT.EX.ME.FORTVNAM.EX.ALIJS EF with traces of lustre, in a round presentation case £125 - £250
49 Churchill Centenary Medals by John Pinches 1973 for the Churchill Centenary Trust, 24 silver gilt Crown size medals in an album with text £150 - £200
50 Commemorative Medals (18) generally earlier types including silver and cased issues £120 - £220
51 Coronation of Edward VIII 1937 (struck 1936) 60mm diameter in bronze by J.Tautenhayn Eimer 2043, BHM 4297, A/UNC and scarce £40 - £80
52 Coronation of George II 1727 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker Eimer 510 the official coronation issue Obverse Bust left Laureate, armoured and draped, GEORGIVS. II. D.G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX. Reverse the King enthroned right, is crowned by Britannia VOLENTES. PER. POPULOS Exergue: CORON. XI. OCTOB. MDCCXXVII GEF or better with old grey and blue toning £300 - £400
53 Coronation of George II 1727 34mm diameter in silver by J.Croker Eimer 510 the official coronation issue Obverse Bust left Laureate, armoured and draped, GEORGIVS. II. D.G. MAG. BR. FR. ET. HIB. REX. Reverse the King enthroned right, is crowned by Britannia, VOLENTES.PER.POPULOS.Exergue: CORON.XI.OCTOB.MDCCXXVII Fine with some edge knocks £70 - £90
54 Coronation of Queen Victoria 1838 The Official Royal Mint issue 36mm diameter in silver by B.Pistrucci Eimer 1315 Obverse Bust left draped and wearing a bandeau. VICTORIA. D.G. BRITANNIARUM REGINA F.D. Reverse Victoria enthroned left, receives a crown from Britannia, Hibernia and Scotia ERIMUS TIBI NOBILE REGNUM Exergue. INAUGURATA DIE JUNII XXVIII MDCCCXXXVIII EF and with an attractive blue tone, a few small rim nicks barely detract £300 - £400
55 France and related medals (19) in bronze 19th and 20th Century, includes prize medals and some larger pieces, in mixed grades the majority VF to EF, along with a Jetton of Louis XIV undated, VG/NF £150 - £200
56 France Louis XVI 1793 Tribute Medal to the Royal Family 40mm diameter in copper, Obverse: three busts conjoined, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth of France Reverse FILS DE SAINT LOUIS MONTEZ AU CIEL 21 JANVIER 1793--16 OCTOBRE 1793 10 MAI 1794 in 6 lines, within a wreath £100 - £200
57 Freedom Medals 39 crown sized .925 silver medals by the Royal Mint and in their large blue wallet style display case as issued with certificate dated Oct 23 1973 entitled FREEDOM MEDALS SYMBOLIZING THE WORDS THAT INSPIRED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION £250 - £350
58 Germany Silver medal undated 55mm diameter Royal couple crowned by arms issuing from clouds above, Reverse Foreground, a tree being watered by a vessel by a hand issuing from a cloud above, beyond view of a town, 53.43 grammes, Good Fine with loop mount £25 - £50
59 Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1887 Eimer 1733 77mm diameter in Bronze The official Royal Mint issue by J.E.Boehm/F Leighton, Obverse: Bust left Crowned and Veiled. VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX. Reverse Enthroned figure of Empire, facing, flanked by standing figures of Science, Letters and Art left, opposite those of Industry and Agriculture right, at their feet below Empire are Mercury reclining and Time Above two cherubs displaying shields inscribed MDCCCLXXXVII and MDCCCXXXVII and V.R.I in a wreath between . IN. COMMEMORATION. Exergue. Five linked shields inscribed ASIA AMERICA EUROPE AUSTRALASIA and AFRICA, chocolate Unc with a touch of verdigris. Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 (2) silver and bronze 56mm diameter in silver Eimer 1817 the official Royal Mint issue, both UNC. Coronation of Edward VII 1902 56mm diameter in silver the Official Royal Mint issues Eimer 1871 Unc and very nicely toned these 4 all in the official Royal Mint boxes of issue, along with The Lusitania (German) Medal 1915 55mm in base metal UNC boxed as issued, Albert Schweitzer 1875 - 1965 56mm silver L'AMBARENE reverse beneath jungle scene cased Unc, and Le Touquet Lawn Tennis Club 1922 in silver 40 mm uncased Unc £250 - £450
60 Great British Locomotives, The National Railway Museum Inaugural Edition, by John Pinches, a 50-ingot set, each ingot 48mm x 25mm in sterling silver, each weighing around 30 grammes Prooflike UNC in the large wooden display box with certificate, the certificate stuck to the lid. Comes with accompanying book. £400 - £500
61 Great Exhibition 1851 Lambeth - London 38mm diameter in copper Obverse Floral pattern LAMBETH LONDON 1851, Reverse similar to Turkey Medallic Coinage 20 Kurush AH1255, 22.25 grammes, similar to X#10 where an 1862 piece is described as a Manufacturer's Salesman's example EF with some tone spots, Rare, we note a better grade example recently realised £900 on an internet website £100 - £300
62 Great Exhibition Medals (2) Great Exhibition 1851 Prize Medal 77mm diameter in bronze by W.Wyon/L.C.Wyon, Eimer 1456, Obverse: Busts left, conjoined Victoria laureate, trident behind, two dolphins below, VICTORIA D:G: BRIT: REG: F:D. ALBERTUS PRINCEPS CONJUX MDCCCLI. Reverse: Britannia seated, right, confers a wreath upon the head of Industria, kneeling, Africa, America, Asia and Europe in attendance, to right, bust of Flaxman on a socle, DISOCIATTA LOCIS CONCORDI PACE LIGAVIT, In Exergue: Leonard C.Wyon Des. & Sc: royal mint Edge :PRIZE MEDAL OF THE EXHIBITION. COVENTRY RIBBONS COMMITTEE. CLASS XIII, EF with some edge nicks:: along with Great Exhibition 1851 Eimer 1462 79mm diameter in White Metal Obverse: Bust of Prince Albert, Left within a wreath, Reverse: View of the building THE BUILDING FOR THE GREAT EXHIBITION IN LONDON 1851 Exergue: PROPOSED BY H.R.H. PRINCE ALBERT. DESIGNED BY JOSEPH PAXTON ESQ. F.L.S. ERECTED BY FOX, HENDERSOM, & CO. DIMENSIONS - LENGTH 1848 FEET, WIDTH 456 FEET, HEIGHT OF PRINCIPAL ROOF 66 FEET, HEIGHT OF TRANSEPT 106 FEET. GLAZED SURFACE 900 000 FEET, OCCUPIES 18 ACRES OF GROUND AU/GEF and lustrous £100 - £150
63 Greece, The birth and baptism of Konstantinos (Son of King George & Queen Elizabeth). 50mm diameter in bronze by Barre, Obv: Busts right, conjoined, ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ Α! ΒΑΣΙΛΕΥΣ ΚΑΙ ΟΛΓΑ ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΑ ΤΩΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ. Reverse: ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ ΑΩΞΗ / ΙΟΥΛΙΟΥ ΚΑ / ΑΥΓΟΥΣΤ ΚΒ ". within a wreath, Crowned coat-of arms above, Weight: 58.45gr. UNC or near so with attractive copper tone, in round red case £500 - £750
64 International Society of Postmasters 1975-1977 Official Commemorative issues, a collection of 36 all Crown-sized and in Silver housed in an album with their respective First Day Covers, all coins and covers Proofs UNC to FDC £180 - £280
65 Italy, Naples 1845 Congress of Italian Scientists, by V.CATENACCI FECE Luigi Arnaud, 61mm diameter in bronze, Obverse Bust right, GIO. BAT. VICO NATO IN NAPOLI NEL MDCLXX. MORTO NELMDCCXLIIII, Reverse: Italia Turrita, seated to left holding a lit torch, sits before a memorial. In the background, the Gulf of Naples, AUSPICE FERDINANDO II P.F.A. Exergue: VII. CONGRESSO DEGLI SCIENZIATI ITALIANI NAPOLI MDCCCXLV , EF £125 - £250
66 Joseph Neeld , Harrow School 1851 46mm diameter, 54.62 grammes, in 18 Carat gold by L.C.Wyon, Obverse:- Bust of Joseph Neeld left, JOSEPHUS NEELD SCHOLAE HARROVIENSIS CUSTOS ATQUE GUBERNATOR. Reverse DILIGENTIAE INSTUD MATHEMAT PRAEMIUM ANNUUM JOSEPHUS NEELD HARROVIENSIS HARROVIENSIBUS PROPOSUIT A.S. MDCCCLI. within a laurel wreath, edge inscribed R.P.VERSCHOYLE . some light test scratches on the edge, UNC/AU and lustrous, the obverse with some toning on the bust, in fitted red case £1,100 - £1,500
67 Joshua Reynolds , Art Union of London 1845 58mm diameter in bronze by A.J.Stothard Eimer 1399 Obverse bust left with REYNOLDS behind, palette and brushes below, Reverse:- Detail from Reynolds's painting 'The Infant Hercules' --T UNION OF LONDON (the A and R of ART appear to been lightly smoothed away VF £30 - £60
68 Juan Martin de Pueyrredon 1776-1850 Commander of the Hussars during the British Invasion of Buenos Aries 1806, Teatro Ateneo 1910, approximately 30mm diameter irregularly shaped in pewter? A/UNC £60 - £120
69 Mary Queen of Scots 1579 28mm diameter in silver, Eimer 50, Obverse: Shield of Scotland, crowned, MARIA.D.G.SCOTORREGINA.FRAN.DOI, Reverse: Vine with a withered branch receiving water from an urn in the clouds MEA SIC MIHI PROSVNT, Exergue 1579, Near Fine/Fine, rare £200 - £300
70 Medals (3) Coronation of King George V 1911 36mm diameter in silver by F.Bowcher Eimer 1921c Obverse: Conjoined, crowned and draped busts left, GEORGE.V MARY, Reverse: The King and Queen enthroned, facing, acclaimed by Britannia, as Empire, standing left with a wreath, in foreground, a plaque inscribed HOMAGE OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE 1911 festooned by two cherubs, GOD SAVE THE KING UNC: Coronation of Edward VII 1902 32mm diameter in silver, Obverse: Conjoined busts right draped, KING EDWARD VII QUEEN ALEXANDRA, Reverse: TO COMMEMORATE THE CORONATION JUNE 1902 GOD SAVE THE KING Arms and supporters above, National Floral emblems below, UNC with an edge bruise: Coronation of Edward VIII 1937 44mm diameter in bronze Obverse bust right, crowned and draped, HIS.MAJESTY.KING.EDWARD.VIII Reverse: Britannia standing in an arch, facing, holding crown aloft and with Union flag CROWNED A.D.1937 legend with BRITISH below UNC toned, in the red box of issue £35 - £55
71 Medals (9) 19th and early 20th Century mostly in copper or bronze, includes Winchester Cathedral Eimer 1507 EF £50 - £100
72 Medals a mainly European group (17) mostly 19th Century in base metal, the majority Crown-sized or larger, in mixed grades, some EF £70 - £120
73 Medals a mixed group (17) includes Coronation and Jubilee issues, also includes Special Constabulary and Territorial Force medals, also two Masonic items, with some in silver , in mixed grades, some UNC £150 - £200
74 Medals a small group (7) includes Stockton and Darlington Railway Centenary 1925 81mm diameter in lead, VF, as well as Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 Birmingham Mint, Dassier copies of Cromwell and George II types, in white metal, Plymouth Burrator Reservoir, Statue of H.W.F.Bolckow, Amelia Earhart NVF to EF £40 - £80
75 Medals, Medalets, Tokens and Paranumismatic, mostly base metal 20th Century issues, in mixed grades to UNC (lot) £80 - £100
76 Medals, Tokens and Weight a wide variety (160) includes Neville Chamberlain Munich Accord 1938 set in a silver dish, Coronation of Edward VII 1902 31mm diameter in silver, the Official Royal Mint issue EF, Coin Weight James I Unite VG, USA J.M.Brunswick Balke Co. Token for 12 1/2 Cents undated, Fine, 18th Century Halfpenny Tokens (5), Co-Op Tokens and assorted paranumismatic items in mixed grades a few EF £200 - £250
77 Murder of Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, 1678, 39mm diameter in silver by G. Bower, Eimer 257a Obverse:- bust right being strangled by his own cravat, MORIENDO. RESTITVIT. REM. E. GODFREY, Rev:-. TANTVM. RELIGIO. POTVIT., A man strangling a prone figure, Pope standing left blessing the event and holing a Bullo (decree) Edge: CERVICE. FRACTA. FIDEM. SVSTVLIT. ATLAS. XNS. 1678 Good Fine £50 - £100
78 Napoleon's Medals, by Andrieu - Two custom fitted trays in a 27cm x 35cm wooden box in a bookform case. The first tray contains 8 medals, lead-filled cliches, - 'Siege of the Bastille' 14 July 1789 (85mm), Arrival of the King at Paris 6 October 1789 (85mm), Passage of the Great St. Bernard Floreal, Year VIII, (1800), Battle of Maringo (1800), Napoleon as Emperor and Napoleon as King (3), the second two large medals 141mm diameter these Napoleon I and Marriage of the Emperor Napoleon to Marie Louise in Paris, all uniface, GEF to UNC, the case in poor condition and missing the lid/front book cover £225 - £325
79 Peter Scott's British Birds a 35-medal set each 51mm diameter, weighing 66-67 grammes and in .925 silver by John Pinches UNC to nFDC, lightly toning, in the cabinet of issue with all certificates £600 - £900
80 Pope Leo XII 44mm diameter in bronze Obverse bust right, robed LEO XII P.M. Reverse SVFFRAGIIS IV. KAL. OCT. MDCCCXXIII DECLARATIS GVF/VF £30 - £60
81 Prince Albert, installed as Chancellor of Cambridge University 1847 46mm diameter in White metal PRINCEPS CELSISSIMUS ALBERTUS ACAD:CANTAB: CANCELL. 1847, Reverse view of the Senate house A/UNC £40 - £80
82 Prince Philip, Visit to North America 1966 38mm diameter in silver by Spink & Son Eimer 2110, Obverse:- Bust left, uniformed, H.R.H. THE PRINCE PHILIP DUKE OF EDINBURGH, Reverse:- Prince Philip's cypher YOUTH. CHARITY. ATHLETICS. ROYAL VISIT TO NORTH AMERICA UNC and lustrous £20 - £50
83 Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977 in 9 carat gold UNC in case: USA The Bicentennial Visit of Queen Elizabeth II 1976 51mm diameter in sterling silver, UNC in the box of issue with certificate: Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977 44mm diameter in silver by John Pinches Prooflike UNC, boxed: Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977 45mm diameter in silver (2) by the Birmingham Mint Prooflike UNC in the boxes of issue with certificates: The Right Honourable Margaret Thatcher MP 1979 Britain's First Lady Prime Minister in gilt silver, by The Birmingham Mint: 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain 1990 50mm diameter in silver Proof FDC in the box of issue with certificate: Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee 2002 Medal UNC on the Royal Mint wallet of issue: Belgium - Brussels Exposition 1958 26mm diameter in silver Prooflike UNC and toned, in white leatherette case £70 - £100
84 Royal Society of Arms, Mercury and Minerva Medal 1796 44mm diameter in gold by T.Pingo, Britannia seated left is conferred with honours by Mercury and Minerva standing before her, ARTS. AND. COMMERCE. PROMOTED. Exergue: SOCIETY INST. LONDON MDCCLIIII, Reverse:- TO Mr. RICHARD MOYLE MDCCXCVI / LAND GAINED FROM THE SEA Class 133. No.CCXXIII EF, Rare, The prize was award to Richard Moyle for his work in land drainage and reservoir systems in Penzance, Cornwall £1,600 - £2,000
85 Seal in wax, Common Seal of the Vestry of St. Pancras in the County of Middlesex 1856 EF in a brown B.Wyon medallists box £50 - £100
86 Simon De Passe Counters, or Gambling Counters in silver 1630-1635 (17) each depicting a full length portrait of the monarch or ruler on the obverse, and a coat of arms on the reverse with obverse legends giving details of the reign, Royal subjects depicted, some stating the dates of their deaths, are:- Harold II (1066), Edward the Confessor (1066), William II (1100), Stephen (1154), Henry II (1189), Richard I (1199), Edward I (1307), Edward II (1327), Henry IV (1412), Edward V (1483), Richard III (1485), Elizabeth I (2) (1601), Frederick (1628), a Charles I undated issue, a Prince Charles piece (1630) and a later issue or reissue of similar style of Anne, the reverse stating 'Buried at Westminster', in mixed grades average VF £425 - £475
87 The 100 Greatest Cars Silver Miniature Collection' silver ingots by John Pinches (issued 1975) each piece 16mm x 10mm and around 1.5 grammes Silver Proofs in the box of issue with detailed information book £40 - £50
88 The Church Music Trust a 3-medal set each 45mm diameter in matt silver, undated (1968) by Toye, Kenning & Spencer, depicting Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral and St. Paul's Cathedral UNC in the box of issue with certificate, along with medals (26) includes Coronation of George V 1911 30mm diameter in silver (2) the Official Royal Mint issues NEF to EF, Coronation of Edward VII 1902 31mm diameter in silver the official Royal Mint issue GEF, Coronation of George VI 1937 31mm diameter in silver, the official Royal Mint issue EF, Coronation of Edward VII 1902 the official Royal Mint issues 56mm in bronze (2) A/UNC to UNC boxed, India 1901 Temperance Medal Obverse: Queen Victoria Reverse: In Memory of Queen Victoria 1837-1901 in silver, NEF with loop mount, India Army Total Abstinence Association Medal 1862 Fine, loop mounted, India Army Temperance Association 1897 VF toned, loop mounted, and a host of other subjects, Royal birthdays, Royal Weddings and some prize medals, these awarded to Frances Leslie Rose OBE, FRS, these Chemistry-related, in mixed grades to UNC, many in the boxes of issue £150 - £300
89 The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci a 50 medal set in silver by John Pinches 1975, each medal 51mm diameter and weighing 50-51 grammes, and depicting his most famous works, nFDC to FDC in the cabinet of issue with certificates, gloves and original name plate £750 - £1,100

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