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London Coins Auction 165
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1510 Fifty Pence, The London 2012 50p Gold Proof Piedfort Olympic Gold Medal Winners Set, a spectacular 11 coin set featuring the 11 sports that Team GB won their 29 medals in. Proof FDC with certificate number 2 (NO. 02 embossed in gold on the wooden lid) housed in a quality cabinet style wooden presentation box with a separate draw for the certificate and CD (unopened), and a CHIEF ENGRAVER MASTER PROOFS presentation card which shows the engraver's master proofs embossed in gold, the whole with outer card box. This is a rare set and must be The Holy Grail certainly of 50p sets and perhaps of the entire Royal Mint modern series since 1979. Some ambiguity has surrounded the mintages of these coins as the first time they appeared in The Coins of England reference book by Spink it was stated that just two of each coin had been struck one for the designer the other for the gold medallist. Here at London Coins we have offered four individual coins since 2012 all different sports (athletics, cycling, triathalon and tennis). The certificate on this set states 2/29, however the vendor has provided us with actual sales figures (rather than mintage limits) that he has obtained from The Royal Mint which indicate that just 15 of these 11 coin sets exist and states the additional coins issued separately so giving the following total mintages for each sport as Athletics 26, Boxing 18, Rowing 26, Cycling 26, Equestrian 22, Sailing 17, Shooting 17, Tennis 25, Taekwondo 15, Traithalon 22, Canoeing 17 (therefore no Taekwondo coins exist other than in these 15 sets). These are excessively low figures and anyone with an eye to wealth creation should reflect on the current values of Royal Mint proof sets that include gold from yesteryear, sets with mintages of 150 (10 times more than these 50p sets) can realise six figure sums. As far as we could tell this is the first example of this set offered so preparing an estimate can not be done on past results, what we can say is that the 4 individual coins we have sold totalled £20,800 or over £5,000 per coin. £35,000 - £55,000
1795 Alderney £1,000 2010 Gold Proof (1,096 grams of 22 carat so contains 1 kilo of pure gold) stunning 100 mm diameter Rank Broadley Queen Elizabeth II portrait obverse, Battle of Britain 1940 reverse, cased FDC with certificates and plaque "Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary" issue limit of just 20, extremely rare thus and the first one we have seen £35,000 - £45,000
1511 Fifty Pence, The UK Gold Proof Piedfort Collection 40th Anniversary 1969 - 2009 spectacular 16 coin set all coins dated 2009 obverse but with the reverses of the earlier issue types 1969 Britannia New Pence, 1973 EEC, 1991, 1992/3 EEC, 1982 Britannia New omitted, 1994 D-Day, 1998 NHS, 1998 EEC, 2000 Libraries, 2003 Suffragette, 2004 Bannister, 2005 Samuel Johnson, 2006 VC (2 coins), 2007 Scouts, 2008 Shield, 2009 Kew Gardens Proof FDC in the impressive Royal Mint wooden cabinet style display cases issue limit just 40 and this No. 26 £18,000 - £26,000
2574 Five Pounds 1893 Gold Proof S.3872 the fields with some light hairlines, nFDC retaining almost full mint brilliance and extremely eye-catching £18,000 - £22,000
1605 Proof Set 1911 Long Set 12 coins £5 to Maundy Penny in NGC and PCGS holders as follows:- Five Pounds PCGS PR63, Two Pounds PCGS PR64, Sovereign NGC PF64, Half Sovereign NGC PF65+, Halfcrown NGC PF62, Florin NGC PF62, Shilling NGC PF62, Sixpence NGC PF62, Maundy Fourpence NGC PF62, Maundy Threepence NGC PF62, Twopence NGC PF61, Maundy Penny NGC PF62, the silver all nicely matched, comes with the 1911 Long set red box, this in fair condition £16,000 - £18,000
2353 USA Twenty Dollars Gold 1859O Breen 7196, thin mintmark, centrally positioned between the N and the tail feathers, Near EF/EF the obverse rubbed on the face and possibly once cleaned in the past. Only 9100 minted, Estimates vary on current extant pieces, it is thought that between 85 and 100 pieces survive today. We note that the 1859O Twenty Dollars is one of the coins tracked in the US by the 'Rare Coins Values Index' a representative group of 87 rare US coins tracking the ongoing progress of the market. £15,000 - £20,000
2564 Five Guineas 1709 Queen Anne After Union with Scotland S3567 OCTAVO VF/EF desirable thus £15,000 - £20,000
2580 Five Pounds 1911 Gold Proof S.3994 in an NGC holder and graded PR62 with full lustre and brilliance, appears conservatively graded £11,000 - £13,000
1730 The 2013 United Kingdom Gold Proof Set a 15-coin set comprising Five Pound Crown 2013 60th Anniversary of the Coronation, Two Pounds (4) 2013 London Underground Train, 2013 London Underground Roundel sign, 2013 200th Anniversary of the last Gold Guinea, 2013 Standard issue, One Pound (2) 2013 Floral Emblems England and Wales, Fifty Pence 2013 Ironside, plus One Pound to One Penny all struck in 22 carat gold, (over 243 grammes) nFDC to FDC with a few very small flecks of toning, in the impressive Royal Mint box of issue with certificate and booklet. We note the Two Pounds, and Fifty Pence to One Penny coins bearing the 'standard 'designs have a mintage of just 60 pieces each £10,000 - £12,000
2581 Five Pounds 1911 Gold Proof S.3994 nFDC with light hairlines and minor contact marks, retaining practically full mint brilliance £10,000 - £12,000
2947 Sovereign 1839 Plain Edge Proof, Die Axis upright, this being the type originally in the 1839 Proof sets. S.3852, Wilson and Rasmussen 302, 7.69 grammes, UNC with some minor scuffs and hairlines and small rim nicks, nevertheless retaining much mint brilliance and eye appeal, an extremely rare issue and seldom offered, indeed we note we not offered this type since 2004. Many different weights have been recorded on this type, ranging from 7.69 grammes to 7.89 grammes £10,000 - £12,000
2397 Groat Edward I, New Coinage from 1279 onwards, New Portrait with smaller pointed face, trefoils in spandrels, drapery is a segment of a circle with a rosette in the centre, S.1379D (Fox 7) VF with original surfaces, and a few very minor surface marks. Although many dies were produced, the coin was at the time unpopular, indeed many surviving examples have been either gilded or mounted, making original pieces such as this exceeding hard to obtain. A key rarity in the English hammered series and seldom offered. £9,000 - £12,000
2605 Guinea 1714 Queen Anne S.3574 UNC and rare thus, in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 80, the finest known of just 4 examples thus far recorded by the LCGS Population Report, and, at the time of writing, the only Queen Anne Guinea graded 80 £7,500 - £10,000
2626 Guinea 1813 Military S.3730 in a PCGS holder and graded MS63 £7,200 - £7,800
1515 Five Hundred Pounds 2019 Chinese Lunar Year of the Pig 5oz. Gold Proof FDC in the impressive Royal Mint box of issue with certificate, number 18 of just 38 minted £7,000 - £8,000
1720 Ten Pounds 2019 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Queen Victoria 5oz. .999 Gold Proof FDC in the impressive Royal Mint box of issue with certificate and booklet, number 25 of only 70 minted £7,000 - £8,000
1721 Ten Pounds 2019 The Tower of London Coin Collection - The Crown Jewels 5oz. .999 Gold Proof FDC in the impressive Royal Mint box of issue with certificate and booklet, number 25 of only 45 minted, with only 35 in this presentation format £7,000 - £8,000
1722 Ten Pounds 2019 The Tower of London Coin Collection - The Legend of the Ravens 5oz. .999 Gold Proof FDC in the impressive Royal Mint box of issue with certificate and booklet, number 23 of only 45 minted, with just 35 in this presentation format £7,000 - £8,000
1711 Ten Pounds 2012 Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II 5oz. Gold Proof S.M1 Obverse in the style of the Five Pound Crown S.L24, (incorrectly illustrated in the Spink catalogue), Reverse The Queen enthroned, facing, DILECTA REGNO MCMLII - MMXII nFDC with a tone spot on the reverse, in the impressive Royal Mint box of issue with certificate, number 20 of only 250 minted £6,500 - £7,500
1713 Ten Pounds 2016 100th Anniversary of World War I - Poetry and Language 5oz. Gold Proof S.4892 FDC in the impressive wooden Royal Mint box of issue with certificate and booklet, number 3 of just 30 issued of this type £6,500 - £7,500
2428 Noble Henry VI Annulet issue, S.1799, North 1414, Schneider 274, Lis initial mark, annulet by sword arm, and in one spandrel on the reverse, 6.94 grammes, EF, choice and sharply struck , on a full round flan, a superb example of the type and highly desirable in this high grade £6,500 - £8,500
1514 Five Hundred Pounds 2017 Lunar Year of the Rooster 65mm diameter 5oz. Gold Proof S.5203 FDC in the impressive Royal Mint box of issue, number 15 of only 38 minted £6,000 - £8,000
2456 Shilling Charles I Pontefract besieged 1648 , PC above castle, on an octagonal flan S.3148 a bold example EF or near so with only a few small weakly struck areas, an impressive and eye-catching example of this normally poorly executed type, we note other high grade Pontefract pieces have retailed for sums in excess of £13,000 in recent times £6,000 - £8,000
2579 Five Pounds 1911 Gold Proof S.3994 in an NGC holder and graded PR62 appears conservatively graded £6,000 - £10,000
2582 Five Pounds 1937 Proof S.4074 in an NGC holder and graded PF62 Cameo £6,000 - £7,000
3169 Two Guineas 1717 S.3627 NGC XF40 and an extremely difficult date to find £6,000 - £9,000
2490 Unite Charles I 1643 Oxford Mint, shorter bust with King's elbow not visible S.2734 mintmark Plume, a little short of flan, otherwise VF/Near VF and pleasing for the grade £5,500 - £6,500
2511 Crown 1716 Roses and Plumes ESC 110, Bull 1540 EF in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 65 £5,500 - £6,500
2929 Sovereign 1825 Laureate head, Marsh 9, GVF in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 55 £5,200 - £6,500
3405 Austria Trade Coinage Gold Ducats 1915 Restrikes KM#2267 (51) Lustrous UNC with many Prooflike, one with a surface mark on the obverse £5,000 - £6,500
1603 Proof Set 1902 Long Matt Set 13 coins all in PCGS holders Five Pounds PR61, Two Pounds PR63, Sovereign PR62, Half Sovereign PR62, Crown PR62, Halfcrown PR63, Florin PR64. Shilling PR63, Sixpence PR61, Maundy 4D PR63 Maundy 3D PR63, Maundy 2D PR63, Maundy 1D PR63 the silver nicely toned a pleasing and high grade set and with the red octagonal case of issue this in good condition £5,000 - £6,000
1616 Proof Set 2008 the double set in gold Emblems of Britain and Royal Shield of Arms each set comprising One Pound, Fifty Pence, Twenty Pence, Ten Pence, Five Pence, Two Pence and One Penny all struck in gold, FDC in the large Royal Mint box of issue with certificates, each set containing 84.76 grammes of 22 carat gold, scarce and desirable thus £5,000 - £6,000
1898 Jersey Ten Pounds 2018 Remembrance Poppy 5oz. Gold Proof with selective rose gold plating FDC in the box of issue with certificate, number 8 of only 20 minted, the box without a lid £5,000 - £8,000
2583 Five Pounds 1937 Proof S.4074 UNC and lightly tooled with some hairlines, retaining much mint lustre £5,000 - £6,000
3127 Sovereign 1923S Marsh 283, McDonald 273, EF with very minor contact marks and small rim nicks, a high grade example of this key date rarity, and seldom offered, rated R4 by Marsh and with a mintage figure of just 416,000 £5,000 - £10,000
3055 Sovereign 1886M Shield Reverse Marsh 67, signs of very light rubbing on the Queen's cheek, rated R3 by Marsh, EF/AU and lustrous, we note this piece now lists at £15,000 UNC in Spink £4,800 - £5,500
1618 Proof Set 2012 The Diamond Jubilee 10-coin set with all coins in gold, comprising Five Pound Crown, Two Pounds, Two Pounds Dickens, then One Pound to Penny nFDC-FDC with very light toning, in the impressive case of issue with certificate, number 59 of just 150 sets issued £4,500 - £5,500
1732 The 2016 United Kingdom Gold Proof Set an 8-coin set comprising Five Pound Crown 2016 Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday, Two Pounds (5) 2016 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London, 2016 World War I The Army, William Shakespeare 2016 Comedy - All the World's a Stage, William Shakespeare 2016 Tragedy - What a Piece of Work is a Man, William Shakespeare 2016 History - The Hollow Crown, One Pound 2016 The last Round Pound, Fifty Pence 2016 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, S.PGC18, all in gold an impressive set nFDC to FDC with some light toning in the impressive wooden box of issue with certificate and booklet , number 84 of just 150 sets issued £4,500 - £6,000
2491 Unite Charles I Tower Mint, Group B, Second Bust, S.2687 mintmark Anchor EF in an LCGS holder and graded LCGS 70, very sought after in this high grade £4,500 - £5,500
3123 Sovereign 1920M UNC and lustrous with some contact marks, Very Rare especially in this high grade, rated R2 by Marsh £4,500 - £5,500
3168 Two Guineas 1681 S.3335 F over E in ET some light scratches between the T and I of GRATIA, the rim with a small graze at 11 o'clock, GVF/VF and a pleasing example with plenty of eye appeal £4,500 - £5,500
1527 Five Pound Crowns 2013 The Queen's Coronation 60th Anniversary Portrait Collection a 4-coin set comprising examples of the Gillick, Machin, Maklouf and Rank-Broadley obverse portraits, each paired with the 2013 Heraldic Royal Arms reverse, S.PGQPS, only 500 examples of each coin minted with only 450 in this presentation style, though Spink states only 148 issued, FDC or very near so with one coin having tiny tone spots visible under magnification, in the Royal Mint box of issue with certificate £4,250 - £5,500
1604 Proof Set 1902 Long Set Matt Proof comprising Gold £5, Gold £2, Sovereign, Half Sovereign, and Crown to Maundy Penny UNC to nFDC the Five Pounds and Two Pounds each with a scratch on the obverse, the silver with a pleasing matching tone, the Sixpence and Halfcrown with contact marks, comes in the white card box of issue £4,000 - £7,000
2137 Burma Proof Set 1949 (5 coins) KM#PS1 comprising 8 Pe, 4 Pe, 2 Pe, Pe, and 2 Pyas VIP Proofs/Proofs of record, nFDC with light toning, retaining much original lustre and brilliance, with a mintage of only 100 pieces, this set in the Royal Mint maroon box with the Chinze crest in gold on the lid and accompanied by the original Burma Currency Board Secretary's compliment slip and note to the original recipient Mr. Sidney Wellington, Office of the High Commissioner for the United Kingdom, with extra notes on the back of this slip written by the original recipient. The set has been in the recipient's family for the entire 70 years since issue, only the second complete set to be offered for sale in recent times, the previous set lacking the accompanying paperwork realising £6200 hammer price in June 2016, also only two other incomplete sets have been offered, both lacking the 2 Pyas coin and also without the box £4,000 - £7,000
3069 Sovereign 1893 Veiled Head Proof S.3874 in a PCGS holder and graded PR62 £4,000 - £5,000
3184 Two Pounds 1911 Proof S.3995 in an NGC holder and graded PF66 a choice example £3,750 - £4,500
2338 USA Quarter Dollar 1901S Breen 4171 approaching Fine with most of the LIBERTY and most of the motto lettering visible, overall with a pleasing and even appearance and the key date rarity in the series with a mintage of just 72,664 pieces £3,500 - £5,000
2543 Crown 1935 Raised Edge Proof with error edge with the lettering in the wrong order. Edge reads: DECUS ANNO REGNI ET TUTAMEN XXV, ESC 380, Bull 3657, UNC retaining much original mint lustre, lightly toning in the legends, a few thin scratches on the obverse evident under magnification and the reverse with a few small spots, an extremely rare error and rated R5 by ESC (Estimated 5-10 examples believed to exist), thus rarer than the gold Proof of this date (25 examples issued) which, when offered, fetches £60,000 - £80,000. Our archive database shows that this is the first example we have offered in 15 years. £3,500 - £5,500
2598 Guinea 1678 S.3344 VF or better the obverse with some light haymarks, the reverse with some small nicks, all Charles II Guineas increasingly difficult to find in grades above Fine £3,500 - £4,000
2936 Sovereign 1831 W.W. incuse with stops, Marsh 16, in an NGC holder and graded AU58 £3,500 - £4,000

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